12 Outlets & 4 USB Ports Surge Protector
iClever Power Strip Surge Protector (3 Line 4200J) 12 Outlets (1875W/15A) & 4 USB Ports with Flat Plug, 6.6 ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Home, Office and More

Product Dimensions:  13.19 x 4.25 x 1.38 inches

Item Weight:  1.94 pounds

Manufacturer:  iClever

ASIN:  B087F362BX

4.96 / 5
  • Perfect for PC
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      Plenty of plugs and easy tomount
  • Good
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  • just what I needed with a cool design
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      I live in a house that was built in 1988.  1988 would be a year the builders should have known we buy things that need to be plugged in.  Even if they didn't know that computers would be a thing, there were lots of things that needed power. So for all of the rooms in my house I have had surge protectors with lots of things plugged in but some plugs are larger and you can't use your surge protector  to full advantage.  This surge protector really was versatile in how I much I got to plug in.  I am really happy with it .
  • A Power Strip that offers many Mounting Options
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      This is one of the very few Power Strips which has four Mounting Insets on the rear shaped-like a '+' sign.  This means this Power Strip can be mounted (on screws or nails):  Vertically, or horizontally, with the extension cord coming out in whatever direction you want it pointing:  Upward, Downward, Left-side, or Right-side.  (If one is mounting there Power Strip with Sticky-Strips or Velcro, these mounting insets are immaterial to you.)  But for those of us using screws or nails to position their Power Strip in the optimal position on their walls or tabletops, this mounting postioning can be important.  For me it is was critical that I get Power Strip that could be mounted vertically with Power Cord facing downward.
    See the attached picture of this Power Strip mounted vertically w/Power cord facing downward. This is on a wall between my bed & nightstand.
    No, I have not used the Power Strips USB Power Ports. I have enough power bricks plugged-in to deliver the exact charge I want to my many Apple devices.
    I've had zero problems with this power strip. Yes, the spacing on the center strip doesn't allow larger power blocks to be spaced close together, but there are 6 widely-spaced sockets on the perimeter, that's enough for me. Also, allowing proper spacing for more than six large plug-ins would make this power strip super large.
  • Great quality product
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      This worked perfect for my kids computer setup. They can plug up all their devices as well as their tablets and cellphones.
  • Great product and service
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      Great company to do business with. Had a small issue with the first one received and they replaced it quickly and efficiently. Great product and great customers service.
  • I love it!
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      I have this next to my bed and I love it. It is a little bulky, maybe not for travel. I love that it has so many USB ports, I can charge my phone, earphones, watch and something else all at once, while also have my reading light and my laptop charging. Great capabilities.
  • ALL in 1
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      I’m super happy with this purchase. It includes everything I need. I immediately replaced all my old ones with this one and the study room looks much cleaner. It is a little big than I thought, but that does not matter to me at all. The usb also works very well and charged pretty quickly.
  • Surge Protector Works Great
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Bought as the wiring in our rental apartment isn't the best and was worried plugging in too many things and overpowering electrics. Used a different extension lead in the past and there was a burning smell so thought I'd test this out. It is great to have the piece of mind with the surge protector - which has activated a few times. Would recommend.
  • Enough USD ports and outlets
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      Almost after using one month. It works great to plug my christmas tree lights into and on my desk. It is super easy to click on and off. The size is big but it is good to fit my desk space. I think it is too bigger to travel. I like four USB ports. It is nice design.