BK10 Bluetooth Universal Ultra-Slim Keyboard
iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard, Universal Wireless Keyboard, Rechargeable Ultra-Slim with Number Pad Ergonomic Design Full Size Stable Connection for Windows, iOS, Android, Black

Product Dimensions: 15 x 5.2 x 0.9 inches

Item Weight: 1.13 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.13 pounds

Manufacturer: iClever


Item model number: IC-BK10

4.88 / 5
  • Quality Bluetooth keyboard that is thin/portable
    October 12, 2019
    Keyboard is thin, portable with great battery life. Feels sturdy with good quality material.
  • Perfection
    October 12, 2019
    It sync's easily, long battery life,  standard keyboard with numeric pad on right.
    It's light weight and very portable. I believe this was the cheaper keyboard, and I was weary, but I am thinking about ordering one for my granddaughter,
  • Works with everything that has Bluetooth.
    October 12, 2019
    Absolutely no lag time - you’d think this was wired to your computer. I like that you can link it to 3 different channels - I have mine linked to my Windows laptop, iMac and iPad and it works great with all 3. Just press the channel that you set it up to your device and you’re up and running.
  • Great Keyboard! Just what I needed!
    October 12, 2019
    I ordered this keyboard for my home office and I couldn't have made a better affordable choice. I have three computers counting my work computer and this keyboard allows me to pair wireless to all three. That was important to me because I hated having to keep switching the cable or switching the Bluetooth USB with my previous keyboards each time I wanted to use a different computer. This keyboard makes it very easy to just push the 1, 2 or 3 button to switch computers! I recommend this keyboard to anyone.
  • Works great for me
    October 5, 2019
    Great little Keyboard. I bought it for a bluetooth enable keyboard to use with my Microsoft surface. Works great connected seamlessly with my surface. Battery life seems to be good i have used it for at least a month without having to charge it. You can still use the keyboard even while it charges. I have had some devices before that stop working while they charge.
  • Great key feel.
    October 2, 2019
    This keyboard is everything I hoped for. It replaces a Logitech keyboard that did not have the 10-key. I like the key feel of this keyboard much better. It connects seamlessly to my old MS surface every time.  The initial bluetooth pairing was quick and intuitive, I didn't even consult the directions. A few weeks in I am very pleased with no complaints. It is still running on its first charge too!
  • A nice keyboard at a great price
    October 2, 2019
    Overall I am very pleased with this keyboard. It has a very nice feel and is similar enough to my laptop's keyboard that I barely notice switching between the two. I have it connected to my laptop and iphone and have not had any trouble using it with either.
  • Looks and feels great ...
    September 30, 2019
    Nice product, it is perfect for work with a laptop, cellphone and iPad at the same time, just changing the Bluetooth channel.
  • Works well
    September 30, 2019
    Only problem is a couple buttons were switched
  • Great full keyboard that you can take with you for traveling.
    September 27, 2019
    I rely on a number pad, and this has one. Weird to see the range of keyboards and the prices they command. Buy from MS or dell, pay through the nose. And I only have about 30 or so bluetooth keyboards, this one does something a lot of them don't do. Put a decent space between the number pad and the keyboard. Nothing more frustrating when you overshoot the backspace and hit numlock. The right and left edge keys are nice and big, they didn't meld the enter and the backslash together, none of the keys are in a weird position* (we'll come back to that one) and they're nice and springy. Only complaint, but I'm a weird one, no dedicated home and end key which I use a lot when writing. Also, I can't see a way to lock the F1-F12 keys since I prefer them as the primary functions and the media/shortcuts as the secondary functions. The only thing that could make this better, backlighting. Put a $50-$60 version out with backlighting, totally would buy it.

    Now back to that "asterix" when I mentioned the keys are in the right position. Technically true, but somewhere along the line they put the down arrow icon on the up arrow key and vice versa. Yet when you press what should be the up arrow, it acts as such, just mislabeled. I just checked their promotional shots on this product's page, it's also on their keyboard. Kind of funny. Doesn't hinder function, but you can't swap them out either to correct the mistake.

    I do love that there is a dedicated calculator shortcut button, since I use my calculator a lot, also why I prefer keyboards with a number pad. I'm currently using this keyboard literally on top of my Surface Book 2's keyboard. One other thing, best pairing method ever, hold down the 1/2/3 bluetooth button to enter pairing mode, how it should be. Now I can't speak to if it's really BT 5.1, but I can say it's compatible with my Tab S 8.4 which is now like a 5 year old tablet (I use it as an e-reader) and I know the surface book is either BT 4.1 or 5.0 so should be compatible with most devices without any issue.