BK10 Bluetooth Universal Ultra-Slim Keyboard
iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard, Universal Wireless Keyboard, Rechargeable Ultra-Slim with Number Pad Ergonomic Design Full Size Stable Connection for Windows, iOS, Android, Black

Product Dimensions: 15 x 5.2 x 0.9 inches

Item Weight: 1.13 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.13 pounds

Manufacturer: iClever


Item model number: IC-BK10

4.86 / 5
  • Best keyboard
    January 18, 2020
        Best keyboard i ever had. Easy to type on and never lost bluetooth connection to multiple devices. Better than more expensive models.
  • It will change the way you work on your tablet
    January 17, 2020
        My work demands lots of tablet time. I got tired of trying to type on a wonky built-in Tablet keyboard and bought this for convenience. Had to go to the office to "pair" and activate this Bluetooth keyboard.

    1. easy to use
    2. lightweight - best to carry on a medical bag
    3. can be laid down on any flat surface
    4. 1-click button to activate bluetooth and start working
    5. long battery life

    Cons: sometimes the key sticks when you type too fast
  • Worth the money!
    January 14, 2020
        Easy to get started and very durable.  Using it in an industrial environment and it didn't disappoint.  The ability to pair it to my laptop, iPad, and iPhone is fantastic.  Great product for the cost.
  • Suoer jeyboard
    January 12, 2020
        Highly recommend it , the multiple bluetooth feature is AWESOME
  • Great little keyboard
    January 11, 2020
        This little keyboard is great. The keys are very responsive and have a great feel. I bought this keyboard because some of my numeric keys on my laptop were not working anymore and I was not ready to buy another laptop. The keyboard fits exactly over the existing keyboard (15" Toshiba Satelite) and stays in place.  Connection is quick and easy.  I have my laptop, my phone and Ipad hooked up and can switch with the push of a button.  Battery life is good.
  • Long battery life, quiet keys.
    January 4, 2020
        I received this keyboard as a gift. I use it daily. I am amazed at the battery life. I only charge it once a month. Best part, it is much quieter than my regular wired keyboard, that made my neighbors happy.
  • Great product at a great price!
    January 4, 2020
        I love this! Works perfectly it even magnetically connects to the base of my Surface Pro to “attach” when needed, or it can be used several feet away.
  • Performs as I hoped
    January 2, 2020
        I got this keyboard a week ago and wanted to wait a little while before writing a review. So far this keyboard has performed as well as or better than I expected. I use it to complete tasks on my personal laptop, my work laptop, and my cell phone. Pairing to these devices was quite easy, and switching between them is very simple. I have not had the connection drop from any of my devices as of yet, and I have not experienced some of the problems other customers have reported such as duplicate letters, etc. I have also been impressed with the construction, expecting a light, plastic product, but the stainless steel shell holding the keyboard goes completely around the keyboard, not just on the back, producing a much stronger frame for the product. To this point I have been very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others searching for this type of product.
  • It's very affordable!
    January 1, 2020
        It's very affordable!
  • Great product
    January 1, 2020
        This is a great full size keyboard I have it connected to 3 devices and I can switch between then with a simple press of a button.