Car Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter
4.6 / 5
  • Good buy
    14 February 2018
    Good buy
  • Good high-end product at a low price
    11 August 2017
    Very good product I have had three similar type device's and non are as good as this one. I love the simplicity straight out of the box in to the car and used the dial to tune in to an empty station connect the phone via Bluetooth... Done. I like that when the car is turned off I still can play my music due to the internal battery saving fuel while I wait. I like it's detachable from the stork so that it's not in the way of gear sticks which in my vehicle it is vw polos have there charge port and inch away from the gear stick. No music quality is absolutely brilliant and I would like to say even better than cd now depending on how you like your sound I'm a lover of bass and with CDs there are a set level of Hertz for balance with this it controls the levels like an auto amp not sure if that's something to do with the phone call side but as a test with a cd I can't go over volume level 50 without distortion with iclever I can go 60-70 no issues above and things shake. Overall for the price this is a high end product with quality features that should be in high priced items. Now for some negatives starting at the base the stork feels a little lose I like a snug fit. The flexible stork isn't that flexible and feel it could not bend as much is like. The charge pin for the unit could get damaged easily if you don't look what your doing many times changing gears my knuckles look like a pin cushion. Now people say the battery doesn't last long but I have used this for 1hr30min before my car turns off to save the car battery so I don't believe there is an issue but saying that the device when you turn the car off will leave the unit on you have to hold the top button down to shut it off maybe there could be a feature of auto shut off after 10/20 inactivity ie no signal connection. As you can tell thease are picky negatives and don't reflect on the device and features IV been happy since I got it and I believe anyone thinking of getting one should. Good quality materials good quality sound.
  • Great product
    27 June 2017
    I am very pleased with this product. It is easy to use and of high quality. So much easier than fitting a new stereo!
  • 👍
    18 August 2017
  • Amazing really clear sound
    26 May 2017
    Amazing really clear sound. Just about to buy another one because mine has just snapped. Had it just over a year, I have used it most days. Don't know if that's acceptable but I'm buying another one anyways.