DK03 Bluetooth + 2.4G wireless rechargeable keyboard
iClever Bluetooth Keyboard - 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Rechargeable Bluetooth 4.2 + 2.4G Multi Device Keyboard, Ultra-Slim Full Size Dual Mode White Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, iOS

Model:  IC-DK03

Package Dimensions: 18.3 × 7.4 × 1.1 inches

Item Weight: 1.51 pounds 

Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (included)

4.9 / 5
  • An amazingly Apple perfect (yet non-Apple) wireless rechargable keyboard
    November 9, 2019
    I typically don't go wild with a product, but I am unabashedly a fan of this keyboard.  I've looked at Apple's version and this one is far superior.  Connectivity and battery life is exceptional and I've had no complaints, at all!  Keyboard feels exactly what I'd expect from an Apple product (yet it's not, but looks like it is).  Really glad I found you in the maze of wireless bluetooth 4.2 +2.4G keyboards out there... This is the only one I'd ever consider... Thanks again!!!
  • Perfect keyboard
    November 8, 2019
    I'm glad to buy a keyboard with the same color as the monitor. It looks beautiful and feels comfortable to use. There are several connection options, which are very good
  • Best Budget Keyboard
    November 8, 2019
    Got this for school because typing on the macbook's 12 inch keyboard was getting painful during 3 hour+ exams.

    I got a few models and compared this one against the following models:
    Logitech's MX Keys -- Connectivity problems, weird keys
    JellyComb's Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard -- Too small for a "full-sized" keyboard
    Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming -- Very noisy keys, although impressive design with the pad

    Overall, this one was the keeper because the keys are most comfortable for long periods of typing and don't make too much noise. I find the connectivity seamless with my macbook and it can go for days before needing to be recharged. For the price and performance, I would recommend this keyboard a million times over the other ones. I also find it kind of funny that people often mistake it for an actual apple keyboard.
  • Quiet wireless keyboard
    November 8, 2019
     I was getting sick of having tons of wires at my workspace and finally went for this Bluetooth keyboard. I’ve had an Apple keyboard that broke down a while back, and I’ve got to say this one is very comparable, and at a fraction of the price. Keys are literally a pleasure to type with. As they’re not super raised and they’re very quiet (I took a short video to give an idea of how quiet it is). I also like that it can connect to many devices. The F keys also have the volume, play etc functions labeled, which Is important to me because some keyboards do not have that and I forget which one is which. Keyboard also came nicely packaged. Overall am very happy with my purchase and I might buy another one as a gift.
  • Flawless sharing
    November 3, 2019
    Reduce clutter and cables! I have 3 PCs,
    and a Note 10+. I have tried usb hubs, KVM switches, and assorted work arounds. The iclever keyboard paired with a similar mouse is the best solution ever. Try it you will love it!
  • Keyboard looks like it was made by Apple!
    October 30, 2019
    I've purchased several items from iclever in the past & always been very pleased, although I did purchase a similar wireless keyboard several months ago (different model) which looked just as good as this one, but had an issue with the keys not always registering when you were typing and therefore quite a few words were missing letters! (I'm one of those people who never had any formal typing classes, and therefore need to look at the keyboard the entire time I'm typing, so, if the keyboard doesn't work like it should when I get finished I have an indecipherable mess! lol). So far, this model has performed flawlessly.
    Just like the first model I owned, the keyboard looks like it was made by Apple, in other words, it's sleek, beautiful, and the keystroke is just right. Unless it stops working the way it has since receiving today, I'll be very pleased with this purchase!!
  • Very Sleek Keyboard
    October 30, 2019
    Wow, this full-size keyboard looks very sleek. It's well-built and lightweight. It can connect to 3 devices (2 Bluetooth, 1 2.4G) at the same time. Just push a button to switch between the devices. Recommended.
  • Easy to use and works great
    October 26, 2019
    This keyboard works great. I had Logitech mk270 previously but felt strange. So I decided to give this a try. I had different laptops and iPad Pro. This keyboard can pair max of 3 different devices. The 2.4G link has a nano usb receiver which you can insert into desktop or laptop. Two Bluetooth pairs are enough for most cases. The device switch is pretty easy, just push the button it belongs. There are many shortcut buttons which makes it convenient. It’s a full keyboard with number keys. If you are a person needs to type huge data, it will save a lot of time.
  • Full size keyboard for iMac
    October 25, 2019
    I like this full size keyboard, it is a perfect match for my iMAC. The typing is comfortable. It can be paired with iPad too, which is very convenient especially ipad now support mouse. The recharging is fast. Highly recommend this keyboard, as it works the same while costs only 1/3 as the name brand.
  • Excellent Bluetooth
    November 8, 2019
    Works very well as Bluetooth.  I will say the 2.4 receiver has a significant delay at times - haven’t determined exactly why or when which can be aggravating