GKA22S Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard - iClever GKA22S Rechargeable Keyboard with Number Pad, Full-Size Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Keyboard, 2.4G Stable Connection Wireless Keyboard for iMac, Mackbook, PC, Laptop

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 5.1 x 0.9 inches 

Item Weight: 1.15 pounds  


Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) 

4.92 / 5
  • Great quality
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      Really nice quality and doesn’t need batteries!
  • Surprisingly good keyboard for this price - feels good to type on, looks good, connects to 3 devices
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    * 3 device capable Bluetooth keyboard for MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android with numeric keyboard.
    Works flawlessly with multiple Mac computers (all that has been tried so far)

    * Feels very good to type on. It has just the right amount of key travel, smoothness and tactile feedback.
    Looks nice, and clearly made to look similar to Apple keyboards.

    * LED indicators for what device is connected, caps lock, and charging status.

    * Micro USB charge connector

    * Key tops are flat – a slight concave curve would be nicer.

    Overall this is a very nice keyboard. At the price point it is intended to sell it is even more impressive. It looks good, feels good to type on, supports up to 3 devices and supports multiple operating systems (MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android). It has LED lights that show what device it is connected to, caps lock, and charge. It is a full size keyboard and includes a numeric keypad as well while still compact (14 ¾” wide). It has built in rechargeable batteries, and comes with a silicone cover.

    It feels a bit like the newer Apple Magic Keyboard in the new M1 MacBook Air to type on. The keys don’t have as far travel as the older 2012 MacBook pro, nor is it nearly as smooth as either of them. It is better than the keyboard on a late 2018 MacBook Pro with the last generation of Butterfly keyboard.

    The keys are soft, but they do have enough tactile feedback to feel that you have properly pressed the key. It is quieter than the Apple Butterfly keyboard, but definitely louder than either the old 2012 MacBook scissor keyboard or the new M1 MacBook Air scissor keyboard. The key tops are perfectly flat though unlike the slight concave surface of the Apple and other keyboards. This does make your fingers slide a bit on the key and diminishes what would otherwise be an excellent typing experience.

    I tried the included keyboard cover and I really didn’t like the feel of typing with it on. It is good that they include it. The included cover is the typical silicone skin type of cover. The one included is very thin and a translucent white that allows the keycaps to be read through the skin. It matches the keyboard perfectly. It is a nice addition that can definitely help in areas where there may be dirt, your hands are dirty, or just general protection.

    The pairing with Apple MacBook computers was seamless, essentially the same as for other Bluetooth keyboards. The keyboard supports pairing with up to 3 devices. To pair you just hold the button for 1 of the 3 for about 5 seconds until it goes into pairing mode. The blue LED for that button will blink. It then advertises on Bluetooth and shows up on the computer. After it completes pairing the blue LED will remain lit indicating which device the keyboard is connected to. You just press 1 of the 3 buttons to select the connected device.

    The blue LED mentioned above lights continuously which is a bit of a surprise. It does light dimly, very likely to reduce power consumption. The caps lock light also lights continuously at a similar dim level. This is bright enough to see if you look carefully in a very brightly lit room, yet isn’t going to be annoying in lower light either. About the only thing better would be for it to be adaptive to ambient light. This was a bit of a surprise. Most other Bluetooth keyboards I’ve used only light the LEDs for a short period. The Apple Magic Keyboard is the only Bluetooth keyboard I’ve seen with the continuous lit caps lock LED. Note however that keyboard is significantly more costly, only supports a single device, and only Apple devices.

    The default for the function keys with a Mac are for the secondary functions (Volume up/down, brightness, etc.) and they work perfectly with no set up required.

    The keyboard comes in a simple cardboard box. There are tape tabs covering the cardboard tabs that need to be opened to open the box. What was a nice change from most though is that these tabs had a portion that wasn’t stuck down to easily lift up.

    Once you open the box the keyboard is in a plastic protective bag. Taking it out of the bag is the keyboard. The keyboard cover described above is also included. Under the keyboard is small manual, a card with contact information if you have difficulties, and a charging cable. The charging cable is a relatively short, white, USB-A to micro USB cable. It does not come with a charger.

    Upon opening the keyboard the first thing I did was to charge it. There is another LED with a little lighting bolt symbol that lights up RED while charging. I didn’t time how long it took to charge, but it did take a while for the initial charge, somewhere around 2 hours. According to the manual any USB charger over 200 mA will work, which should be just about any.

    The use of micro USB on a new keyboard design is a bit surprising. I would have expected USB-C. While I’m not opposed to micro USB, everything else is moving to USB-C and USB-C would have been preferable.

    The small paper manual was surprisingly well written. It had clear well printed text on high quality cardboard. This too was a surprise as most items like this if they have any manual are poorly written in an extremely small font on cheap thin paper. This was a pleasant surprise. The manual has tables that show the key functions for iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android. The support card lists multiple email addresses for support, but no phone numbers or live chat. They claim they will respond within 24 hours.

    Notably the manual states that it doesn’t work with a Mac Mini. The manual is wrong, it works fine, at least with an older 2009 vintage Mac Mini. So far I’ve paired it with that Mac Mini, a 2012 MacBook Pro running Mojave, and a new M1 based MacBook Air running Big Sur. The manual also states that the keyboard won’t work with TVs. I didn’t try it, but I expect it will work fine with anything that supports a Bluetooth keyboard.

    I’ve written this review with the keyboard and it is very nice to type on. I have noticed a duplicate character once or twice though. I haven’t seen it enough yet to really say it is a problem with the keyboard. I’m using this keyboard in place of a Logitech K480. That is another 3 device capable Bluetooth keyboard. The iclever is much nicer to type on. The K480 keys are much longer travel and take far more force to press, and don’t give much tactile feedback when pressed. I also have a Logitech K760 3 device Bluetooth keyboard. This is closer to K760 but the iclever is still a bit nicer, and has the number keys that neither of the Logitech keyboards have.

    I’ve noticed very little lag or delay when typing. There is a delay similar to most Bluetooth keyboards when first connecting or waking from sleep of a few seconds. It seems that only the Apple keyboards are significantly better in this regard.

    The keyboard looks nice. It is relatively low profile. The keys are white similar to Apple keyboards. There is an aluminum layer over plastic that mostly matches Apple aluminum keyboards. The aluminum is clearly stamped sheet metal and not CNC machined aluminum, but that really adds significant cost with minimal actual benefit. The description states it is stainless steel. It definitely looks like aluminum, and very thin aluminum to me.

    It is too early to know what the battery life will be per charge, or what other long-term issues arise. The legends on each key also appear to be printed on the surface with a clear coating protecting them. I’ve had keyboards in the past where these have worn off over extended use. So far though I am very impressed and this is much better than what I expected. I would rate this keyboard probably 4.5 stars. Since I can only rate 4 or 5 stars I will rate it 5 stars.

    A disclaimer: I received this product as part of Amazon’s Vine program. While I didn’t pay for the item, the review is totally my personal, unbiased review. Neither Amazon, nor the vendor has influenced this review in any way.
  • Perfect Keyboard
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      I like most the ergonomics of this keyboard: slim, lightweight, number pad, function keys, great key response. This keyboard has it all. Love the silver
  • Easy to pair
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      This was super easy to pair.  You need to just hold the 1 button above the numbers on the right for five seconds.  It will begin to pair, and you should see it in the available devices.  Paired instantly!  Works great.  All keys are fully functional.  Great keyboard!
  • good material keyboard best for both mac and windows
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      Bought this product for my little brother and he loves playing mind craft on it.
  • A Very Good Keyboard (Cheaper Than Apples) & Very Slim
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      The first thing that I noticed about this keyboard is how flat and slim it is. It's great, I really like how slim and light it is. The sounds of the clicking are also so satisfying. Once my roommates go to sleep I just throw on the keyboard covers that are included in the box that this was shipped with, the cover makes the noise level go down by a bit. I find that it is harder for me to type with the cover on but I gotta do what I gotta do to keep on working on my essays while my roommates sleeps.
  • Good quality wireless keyboard
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      Never been a fan of wireless keyboards but with working from home during the pandemic I needed one because my cabled usb keyboard and mouse was not long enough to reach in my home work area. This set worked out great. Good signal strength, was not choppy, plug and play and recognize the computer right away. Batter life is also very good.
  • Good looking and user friendly keyboard
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      Really great keyboard. It’s really lightweight and connects easily to my laptop with a USB. great for my monitor set up.
  • A good purchase
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      Previously, I used to use two different keyboards for my mac and windows desktops. But now, I just use this keyboard to switch between the desktops.
  • Great Wireless Keyboard for Mac
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      This is a great keyboard. Keys operate smoothly. Fast reconnect after sleep mode. USB powered and also includes a plug in wall charger, so you don't have to waste a USB port or remember to charge it. Came with a thin membrane keyboard overlay which works surprisingly well and doesn't interfere with typing. It is wireless with a usb receiver.

    This keyboard replaced a bluetooth Mac compatible keyboard which was totally useless (I sent it back to Amazon).