KB01 Wireless Keyboard Pairing up to 3 devices
iClever KB01 Bluetooth Keyboard - Wireless Keyboard Rechargeable Ergonomic Design, Multi-Device Universal Keyboard Stable Connection Easy-Switch Up to 3 Devices for Mac iPad Tablet Android iOS Windows

Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 7.3 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight: 1.86 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.86 pounds 

Manufacturer: iClever


Item model number: IC-KB01

4.71 / 5
  • Best item & convenient!!
    October 12, 2019
    Just received my keyboard and am writing my review with it now!! Must admit that I love it and most of the reviews I read were spot on. This is def a nice heavy feel to it, and definitely is very nice and easy to type on. I paired it with 3 different devices within about 3 min total! Very easy set up!!
  • Great keyboard!
    October 5, 2019
    Great keyboard! Battery lasts forever. If I have any complaint, it is that it goes to sleep too fast. I understand why but it should be able to be set in software. It works with MacOS but it’s not configurable in System Preferences. As such you never know how much battery life it has. That said, it works and types very well. The price was VERY reasonable. Quality made and a great substitution for Apple’s very expensive alternatives.
  • Amazing Keyboard
    September 16, 2019
    This is one solid keyboard.  It has built with solid materials and it's weight is a definate plus.  Even though it is small, it's weight gives is stability when holding a phone or pad in the slot.  My first one that I received was defective in that some of the keys would sometimes not work.  When I wrote to tech support, they immediatly said they would ship me out a new one and I didn't even have to return the old one.  Their response time was superb.  The second keyboard works perfectly and I love that I can swith this thing to another device with just one key press.  If you want a keyboard that works great and feels like it's built to survive, this is the one.
    September 16, 2019
    First, I was impressed with the weight and how well this keyboard is made.  I was expecting something much lighter.  I have paired it with three items; an iPhone 6, a Surface Book 2, and a cheap mini pc that I use for a VPN router using NeoRouter.  Pairing was quick and easy.  switching between devices was a breeze and instant.  Haven't had it long enough to test the battery, but I don't foresee any issues there.  My only fault is no backlight.  Add that and this would be a killer keyboard.
  • very nice material!!!
    September 15, 2019
    the slot in the top of the keyboard makes things easy. i could put my iphone and ipad inside without worrying drop. this is the most part i like about this keyboard.
  • It works for ALL 3 devices.
    September 10, 2019
    A wonderful gadget.  In particular when the keyboards on the smartphones are too small, and on the laptop too flat and uncomfortable.  But, be careful, as it is easy to hit a wrong key.
  • Watch me work!
    September 1, 2019
    This keyboard is all I can ask for when traveling and multitasking. I was able to easily flip between my iPad and phone. I also used it while texting and it was a cinch.
  • Good stuff
    July 28, 2019
    This is extremely well built.
  • Well made and sturdy
    July 13, 2019
    My laptop stopped working after having a drink spilled on it and the only way to work around it was to buy a keyboard. I originally bought a less expensive keyboard and needed to return it. The customer helpline got in touch with me within 24hr. and helped me with an issue I was having and after 3 months is still working fine.
  • Feels so good
    July 11, 2019
    Feels so good. Love how easy it is to switch between three connected devices.