iClever BoostCare Cat-Inspired Wired Over Ear Kids Headphones,Pink

- Designed for children: Made for children 3 years old and up.  - Kid-Safe Volume Limiting Technology, 85dB Volume Restriction

4.84 / 5
  • Good quality and fits perfect for a 5 year old
    February 15, 2019
    Bought it for kids Xmas present they are going to travel with it soon
  • So cute for kids!
    February 15, 2019
    I bought these as a birthday gift for a 4 year old, she loved them!
  • FUN
    February 14, 2019
    My kiddo loves these!  They look cute, they have sound protection,and have great bendability (not a word) but works perfect for a rough 6 year old!
  • The best gift yet!
    February 13, 2019
    My daughter absolutely loves them and they still work!
  • Great product
    February 11, 2019
    Great product. Love the control of volume so my little one doesn't hurt her ear drums. Highly recommend.
  • 1 year in and still working beautifully!
    February 10, 2019
    My 3-4 year old daughter loves these! She is small, and they're still a bit large for her, but it's never kept her from enjoying them. They seem to work great!
  • Cat ear headphones
    February 9, 2019
    Very cute daughter will love them!
  • Very durable!
    February 9, 2019
    This is the second pair of these that I’ve gotten for my daughter. She doesn’t like ear buds because they hurt her ears (I’m very picky about ear buds too so I don’t blame her). The only reason we had to replace them was because my daughter accidentally stepped on the cord and messed it up enough that the sound stopped working, but it was over a year after the purchase so I would say the cord is VERY durable! She’s also in love with the cute little kitty ears on them so that’s definitely a plus.
  • Cute and work great 👍👍
    February 8, 2019
    My daughter loves these. Good noise cancelling and nice quality. Very cute as well.
  • 4 year old loves it
    February 2, 2019
    We have had this for less than a month so I can't attest to durability, but so far the general consensus is that we love it. My daughter was always stealing her dad's headphones so we knew we had to get her her own to use with her kindle. I chose to purple to match her kindle cover. She loved it.  I can see her using it for years to come. The ears are soft and the kitty ears at the top are a cute addition.