BK06 Foldable Rechargeable Universal Wireless Keyboard
iClever Bluetooth Keyboard - Portable Keyboard for iPad Android Tablet Smartphone Laptops Mac IPhone Windows Ios Ultra Thin Foldable Rechargeable Battery Ergnomic Design - Foldable Keyboard, Gray

- Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.1
- Operating range: up to 10m
- System requirements: iOS, Windows, Android
- Power: built-in 110mAh lithium battery
- Uninterrupted Working Time: 40h
- Standby Time: 30 days
- Charging Time < 2h
- Key lifespan: 3 million clicks
- Dimensions: 328 x 102 x 6 mm (unfolded) / 158 x 102 x 13 mm(folded) 
- Weight: 176g

4.82 / 5
  • Perfect folding keyboard
    January 15, 2020
        I’ve been using this keyboard while at work, in commute, everywhere in connection to my iPhone: I’m finally able to write on my book while utilizing incredibly small desk space and without a bulky laptop to carry around. Beautiful keyboard. Where have you been all my life?
  • Amazing keyboard
    January 12, 2020
        I love this keyboard. The keys are just a couple mm’s off from being full size. Takes just very little time to get use to them. I am currently using it to type this review. Connectivity is amazing. Once you have connected it to a device, anytime you open the keyboard it connects within just a few seconds and you are ready to type away. Battery life so far is amazing. I have only had mine for about a week now and the indicator is still glowing green. If you are needing a wireless keyboard and want something extremely portable, I highly recommend this one. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Great for travel; versatile
    January 10, 2020
        This keyboard is paper light and thin....folds in half to fit anywhere .  I prefer my iPad " naked" ...no case...have a portable stand I use when not holding it to read....then use this keyboard for easy typing .  It has 3 memory buttons ...I switch between my iPad or iPhone when desired.  I went this route for travel ....no need to bring a full lap top or struggle to carry when touring....can keep all in purse.  Note that the one I'm referring to is the newer model with slight ergonomic angle....NOT the earlier rectangle ...returned it ....a few of the keys are half size and/or mis placed and impossible to type without mistakes !!  My Daughter-in-law fell in love with it and ordered one too. I take it daily to coffee shops . Battery lasts forever.
  • My main keyboard to take with me.
    January 6, 2020
        I am very pleased with how slim it is and how compact to put in my backpack. I have no issue with typing and the battery life is pretty good for what I use.
  • Good response/reception
    January 5, 2020
  • Juatvwat I was looking for
    January 5, 2020
        I've had it for 3 days and sonfa, so good. Paired very easily to my iPad Pro. Works great so far.
  • Good
    January 4, 2020
  • Great keyboard
    January 4, 2020
        I love this keyboard, device can be paired to two devices, has all the quick short cut buttons for Apple iOS.
  • Great keyboard
    January 3, 2020
        Love this keyboard for my iPad pro
  • EASY to set up!
    January 1, 2020
        I bought this for traveling overseas and absolutely love it, so far! I set it up very easily and don’t consider myself very ‘techie.’