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iClever BoostType BK06 Foldable Rechargeable Universal Wireless Keyboard

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?iClever IC-BK06 Full-size Bluetooth Foldable keyboard?
Equipped with full standard-size keys, you can fast adapt to this new keyboard for fluent and comfortable typing experience.

?Ergonomic Design?
Specially designed with 166 degrees angle when being unfolded, the keyboard can release wrist, arm and shoulder fatigue caused by incorrect gesture and long-time typing.

?Cross Compatible?
Works equally well with all iOS, Android and Windows devices, with shortcut keys saving you time launching tasks or controlling media

- Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0
- Operating range: up to 10m
- System requirements: iOS, Windows, Android
- Power: built-in 110mAh lithium battery
- Uninterrupted Working Time: 40h
- Standby Time: 30 days
- Charging Time < 2h
- Key lifespan: 3 million clicks
- Dimensions: 328 x 102 x 6 mm (unfolded) / 158 x 102 x 13 mm(folded) 
- Weight: 176g

?Package Content?
1 x iClever IC-BK06 Bluetooth Keyboard
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Full Standard-size Keys with U-shaped frosting Surface and 166-degree Angle Design Gives Smooth User-friendly Typing Experience
By Mike on June 22, 2018
| Verified Purchase
This little keyboard is terrific! My clumsy hands type with ease. It's very compact and lightweight making it perfect for traveling. I use it with an iPad 10.5, and now I find that tablet much more productive. I charge the keyboard, and it seems to last forever. I might plug it in (via micro USB) every 3 or 4 weeks and have never been left in a lurch, and I've had this keyboard for about a year now. Every now and then, it unexpectedly disconnects, but just a tap of key reconnects to the iPad. Not really a problem, at all. This keyboard is easy to recommend to anyone.}
By Steve K on June 21, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Awesome keyboard, really light, great feel on the keys and an awesome size.}
By Amazon Customer on June 21, 2018
| Verified Purchase
The keyboard feels like a regular size keyboard}
By Evan on June 14, 2018
| Verified Purchase
For a niche device it serves it's purpose perfectly. I personally write on my phone and it connects promptly and there is little delay. After you get used to it's typing angle perhaps it could help you out}
By Jeffrey Aquino on June 12, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Great product, is neat and compact. I love it!}
By Joey Baby on June 3, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Portable? CHECK
Ergonomic? CHECK
My only wish is for it to be wired instead of wireless since sometimes the connection drops on my Macbook - maybe to save power?
By Talia on May 22, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Really great. Nice feel. Sleek.
Good battery life!
By Lovisa on May 21, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I think this is a great product. Substantially cheaper than other ergonomic keyboards, and will work with all of your devices: I have used this with an iPhone, iPad, Apple desktop and Apple laptop. And it has Windows keys, so I presume it works with non-Apple devices, too. It's TINY, but has full-size keys. I use mine with a magic marker under the middle so it tents. I do wish I could buy it with Apple keys... I can never remember which is Command and which is Option: WIN or ALT. Drives me a bit batty -- but not so much that I want to give up on the device!}
By Sandst on May 21, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I have been using this keyboard with my iPad since my laptop died. I’m picky about keyboards, but this one, despite its small size, allows for very comfortable typing. The split design gives you plenty of room to type, so it does not feel cramped at all. The charge lasts for several hours, days if I only use it an hour or two a day. I take this with me to class and use it to take notes along with my iPad. Very portable and works perfectly!}
By Marty on May 17, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I love this keyboard! Just bought it, but am already so pleased. It takes a while to get the hang of the ergonomic keyboard, but once you do, it's smooth sailing. It's so light - weighs nothing, which is great for carrying around. The one thing I had trouble with was setting the keyboard to English - there should be something about this in the instructions. It paired just fine, but when I typed, it was obviously a French keyboard, not English. Once I got that straightened out it was fine. And one other thing - in the instructions it tells you where to register your keyboard online, to get an extra year's warranty coverage. I didn't see anywhere on the site to do this, so I emailed Support, and they got back to me immediately and said (since they had my email address and could look up the order) they'd do it for me, and to let them know if there was anything else they could help with. I was very impressed with customer service.

I'm traveling to Asia soon, and am so glad I have this to take with me - I'll have my iPad mini, and am using this keyboard to take notes, keep a travel log in Pages, etc. This is a great find at a very reasonable price.