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iClever BoostType BK06 Foldable Rechargeable Universal Wireless Keyboard

Price: USD $ 29.99


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?iClever IC-BK06 Full-size Bluetooth Foldable keyboard?
Equipped with full standard-size keys, you can fast adapt to this new keyboard for fluent and comfortable typing experience.

?Ergonomic Design?
Specially designed with 166 degrees angle when being unfolded, the keyboard can release wrist, arm and shoulder fatigue caused by incorrect gesture and long-time typing.

?Cross Compatible?
Works equally well with all iOS, Android and Windows devices, with shortcut keys saving you time launching tasks or controlling media

- Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0
- Operating range: up to 10m
- System requirements: iOS, Windows, Android
- Power: built-in 110mAh lithium battery
- Uninterrupted Working Time: 40h
- Standby Time: 30 days
- Charging Time < 2h
- Key lifespan: 3 million clicks
- Dimensions: 328 x 102 x 6 mm (unfolded) / 158 x 102 x 13 mm(folded) 
- Weight: 176g

?Package Content?
1 x iClever IC-BK06 Bluetooth Keyboard
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Full Standard-size Keys with U-shaped frosting Surface and 166-degree Angle Design Gives Smooth User-friendly Typing Experience
By Jeffrey A. Schein on December 6, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
This keyboard worked great when I first got it but I'm still trying to figure out how to recharge it. I've plugged in what I thought was the correct type of cord but it won't come on and pair up with my devices anymore so not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can't find the instructions that came with it so I guess I'll have to get on-line and get another manual from the Mfg'r.
By Iowa to LA on February 5, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Worked perfectly out of the box. Getting used to the ergonomics already. Bought this for my iPad Pro for writing screenplays and novels with.

UPDATE, 6/26/2017: Been using this with my iPad Pro to begin writing a book. Finally got used to the layout (especially the B key) and am still very happy with this keyboard!
By gscollier on August 13, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Terrible key action, have to hit them very deliberately. No dedicated esc or delete or function lock.

Update: after this review iClever contacted me and provided a full refund. I don't live in the US so shipping back to Amazon was not cost effective and IClever's response was truly exceptional. Thank you and will definitely consider your products again.
By bk on April 1, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Awesome keyboard. Use it everyday. Paired easily with my ASUS tablet. it's surprisingly easy to type on (probably because of the ergonomic angle) however I wouldn't recommend typing for hours on it. Batter life is awesome on this thing. Been using it for light email and note taking for about 2 weeks and the charge is still above 75%.
By Mr. hyde on April 12, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Very good quality! Almost went with aluminum fold up, but stability issue directed me to purchase this one. Happy I did.
By Jensulin on March 13, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
The keyboard is compact and provides great portability. The battery seems to last quite a while, which is a plus. Connecting it via Bluetooth is quick and easy, and I have not encountered any problems of it losing connection. However, it's best to use the keyboard on a flat, hard surface, otherwise it would be difficult to type on. There are also light indicators that tell you when it's on and its battery life, along with when caps lock is activated. Overall, a good, light keyboard to use.
By Scott Stoller on November 26, 2016
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
this keyboard is very light and compact when folded. it works fine with my MOTO G. I like the angled design of this keyboard. my desktop keyboard is a Microsoft Natural ergonomic keyboard, which also has an angle between the left-hand and right-hand parts of the keyboard, and which has helped me avoid RSI.
I have two other bluetooth keyboards: another folding one (iClever IC-BK03), which is considerably heavier, and a non-folding one (Belkin YourType keyboard and case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; the keyboard is removable and I use it with other devices now), which is slightly lighter but more vulnerable to damage in my backpack (because it doesn't fold).
By Emmi on January 3, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
I have the iPad Pro and this keyboard is perfect for it and returned the Smart Keyboard. This keyboard is Light weight, pairs up easily and most importantly I can use this and the Apple Pencil together. I've done my research for the tri-fold keyboard which many users complains about the "e" wasn't working so I didn't want to risk and get those. I am typing this review with this new keyboard and I feel it's really good, easy key touches and so far so key is misplaced or in the wrong position.
The split keyboard is something new for me but within min. of practice my hands are really used to it already.

Just for reference, the Smart Keyboard has design problems because the iPad is too heavy for the keyboard and caused it to be lifted of the table. It was a very common problem and annoying one especially if you have to pay $159 for it. You can go exchange to the Apple Store but it is pain in the neck to get one that works. So I found this and I am sooo HAPPY with this purchased!! The price is soooo much better and you can interchange to use with other devices too.
By Mark Traphagen on February 27, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
I've been using my iClever compact Bluetooth Keyboard for a month now, and it's honestly one of the best things I've ever bought from Amazon, especially for the price.

I'm a "road warrior," that is, I spend a lot of my working time in airports, on planes, and in hotels. I've been looking for a way to get work done with my phone so I don't have to pull out my 15" laptop (especially uncomfortable on planes). This iClever keyboard has been the solution I looked for.

As the old Apple ads used to say, "It just works." After the first time I got my iPhone's Bluetooth to find the keyboard, any time I open the keyboard it instantly connects to the phone (as long as Bluetooth is on). Love that turning it on and off is as easy as opening and shutting the folding keyboard, which helps preserve battery life.

Speaking of battery life, I've used mine every day for a month now, and it's still at 3/4 charge!

The split-and-angled keyboard style takes some getting used to at first if you haven't used one before, but once you get used to it you'll find yourself wishing all your keyboards had this design. It really is more ergonomic, and very comfortable on the wrists. While the folded up keyboard is not exactly pants-pocket-sized, it slips easily into the pocket of your carry on bag. Because its closed size is only a bit bigger than my iPhone 6 Plus, I usually carry them on the plane together in one hand. And I like that the durable outside means once you've closed it, no further case is needed.

I highly recommend this product, especially if you're a road warrior like me. I took a chance on the iClever as it is half the price of some more name brand keyboards it obviously imitates, but a month in of daily use, I'm very happy.
By adexios on October 6, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Works great! It was a little confusing at first to pair, but a quick read over of the manual meant I was running in no time. I'd give it a 5 star if the top right key was the escape key. I have no idea why they chose to change the escape key to something you have to hit the feature key to access.