iClever BoostType BK08 Portable Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad
4.77 / 5
  • Five Stars
    Nancyon October 17, 2018
    love this keyboard. Works great with android tablet. but the trackpad does not work with Apple products.
  • Best BlueTooth keyboard I have used
    Arton October 17, 2018
    Best BlueTooth keyboard I have used, the feel is realistiic and normal, it is absolutely one oa my prized possessions! I highly recommend it.
  • Love it!
    Dan Bruneron October 10, 2018
    Love it!
  • A nice keyboard with touchpad capabilities.
    Don Bon September 27, 2018
    So far I'm quite happy with this keyboard but admittedly I haven't had a lot of time to use it, I use voice typing nearly exclusively and was a little disappointed when I realized there was no shortcut for the microphone (my fault for overlooking this) but if you're using this keyboard with Android there's an app called "External Keyboard Helper" it gives you the ability to map keys for the microphone/voice input, if you purchase this keyboard make sure that you pair it with a device and try every single key, the first keyboard I received 4 keys were not functioning, the vendor replaced it quickly and all is good, I like the design, quality, compactness and that it has a touchpad, I would recommend this keyboard to others but you need to take that for what it's worth because I am strictly a one-finger/two at most typist.
  • Iclever
    Autrey Johnson on September 16, 2018
    Best keybroed ever
  • All in one favorite...
    Joeyon September 14, 2018
    When I carry a portable keypad and need to navigate on the screen frequently the touchpad on this comes in handy.  That way you don't have to reach out to the touch screen or carry an additional device to navigate.
    It's compact and easy to use.
  • Easy to connect and portable
    Dread In New Yorkon September 14, 2018
    I purchased this item to use while traveling to Dubai in conjunction with my tablet. My first impression when I opened the box is that it is well made. I love the all metal construction and the fact it comes with a soft travel bag. It is actually more compact that I expected due to it's tri-fold design. There is no need to carry a mouse because it has a built in touchpad. This qwerty keyboard even has function shortcut keys we all like to use. The unit doesn't feel flimsy in the hand. It is very solid. Even when folded out, I do not feel the risk of overextending and breaking this unit. The charge holds for a long time. When you do need to refresh the battery, all you need to do is plugin a micro USB and the keyboard will recharge. I would purchase this item again.
  • Even better than I thought
    Masoud Parandon September 3, 2018
    Very high-quality keyboard, very well made, very portable, and super easy to pair with the computer. The pouch is also an awesome addition to it. Highly-recommended productivity solution. Beware of the cheap Chinese copies though. iClever is a Japanese brand.
  • Solid, durable, functional
    Jeffrey Degeon August 15, 2018
    These are better build than any other portable keyboard I've seen. The solid aluminum case wraps and protects the keyboard, when closed.

    Both trackpad and keyboard work perfectly with my android tablet.
  • Replacement works great! Original DOA
    Jonathanon August 12, 2018
    Edit: Replacement keyboard works exactly as described! Unit feels very well made, and folding mechanism is extremely cool. Inclusion of the track pad is really convenient for when I don't feel like bringing a wireless mouse (I use primarily with a Windows 10 laptop). Seller contacted me to make sure that the replacement met my needs as well. Highly recommend the product!

    Original review: Appears to be DOA. Looks really cool, but keyboard is not seen by any of my Bluetooth compatible devices (PC or iOS). I left charging overnight (amber light activates for a few moments when first plugged in, and then turns off). None of the key combos in the manual seem to do anything, and I never see the blue leds referenced in the manual. Will try to exchange for a new one, will update review if the replacement works.