iClever BoostType BK08 Portable Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad
4.46 / 5
  • Best portable blutooth keyboard ever.
    Eli Princeon August 5, 2018
    This is the coolest portable keyboard ever. It's tiny, and folds up even smaller. The build quality is fantastic, all metal exterior. It's hefty, and does NOT feel cheap in any way. It appears to be compatible with most Apple or Android devices, I've used it on both an iPad and my Android phone. Unfortunately, the phone wasn't quite fast enough to utilize a keyboard, it lags. The iPad is a joy to type on with this keyboard.

    Small size
    Battery Life
    It's REALLY cool
    Quality of build, attention to detail. (It even has tiny feet on the sides you can fold out so the whole thing is perfectly stable/level!)

    Due to the small size, some keys are located in odd places. There IS a learning curve if you want to type quickly/efficiently with this keyboard. However, even if you suck at using it, it's much, much faster than typing using the integrated iPad / Android keyboard. Unless you're a teenage girl. Then you can text telepathically anyway.
  • I found the love of my life
    Amazon Customeron July 29, 2018
  • Exceeds expectations
    denveron July 29, 2018
    Love this unit. works flawlessly so far. easy to pair outperforms other portable units we tried.
  • Must have for traveling Typist and Business Pros
    Andre Bryan Ellison July 14, 2018
    Takes very little time to get used to and works as a perfect compliment for my Samsung DeX set up! Makes using my Samsung Galaxy S9+ as my daily phone and productivity device a lot easier than carrying a full size keyboard.
  • Five Stars
    T. Langhamon July 13, 2018
    This little keyboard is awesome. Great price.
  • Five Stars
    Matthewon July 12, 2018
    Excellent keyboard.
  • I recommend this to everyone with anything that has bluetooth or bluetooth dongle.
    chris mortonon July 10, 2018
    I use this device for my Samsung galaxy s8. This device is very high quality. the hinge that  open and close the device is very high quality and will last a very long time. The keyboard is very convenient and low key. I can fit this in my pocket and I don't ever feel it will break if I sit on it. When you fold this device it shuts off automatically and turns on when you open it. The pairing is near instant with my galaxy s8. The range is good on the device but can get a bit choppy the farther away you go. There are also special keystroke short cuts that im discovering. I cant find a website that has all the keystrokes for shortcut navigation.  so I am making one lol.  For example. " WIN + I " will open bixy and if you hold "WIN + I " you can use bixy voice commands.

    negative: when it sits idle while open (on) and then you wake it. The connection or pairing seems to be choppy (its better to just shut it for like 10 seconds then reopen it). also don't like how I have to hold "Fn" then press the "?" button ( I just don't know why they didn't keep it "shift+?) but that's just a personal preference.

    packaging is professional

    shipping is fast and easy as always.
  • Easy to use durable.
    Kindle Customeron July 10, 2018
    Works great with phone no longer have to try and press those little letters on phone screen.
  • Great keyboard
    Daniel Schlosson July 7, 2018
    I use this with my tablet teleprompter and it works like a champ. It pair quickly and is rock solid.
  • Very good
    NADER A MOHAMEDon July 6, 2018
    I love it