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iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Mic, In-ear Wireless Running Earbuds, Black

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Boost your workout to the next level with the iClever BTH20 Wireless Headphones

You're trying to get your head into your workout game, but your headphones just. keep. flicking. around! It's like those little buggers are out to ruin your hour of pumping it out. If this is you, buckle up. We've got good news coming your way.
What if we told you that we have wireless Bluetooth headphones that allows you to go the distance without causing strange, sweaty marks on your face, has stunning audio quality, and most importantly, doesn't burn a hole in your wallet? Have we gotten your attention yet? We thought so.
There are many Bluetooth headphones out in the market. We don't deny that. That's we've designed the BTH20 Sprint Headphones to be the easy choice, with:

  • In-ear, budge-free earbuds

  • Lighter-than-air 0.45oz comfort

  • Smashing audio quality with crystal clear highs and robust bass notes

  • Full 8-hour playtime for a week's worth of workouts

  • Steady connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 technology

  • Sweat and water-resistance

  • Hands-free calling and music control


Lightest Headphones Ever--Comfortable, Sweatproof, Secure Fit, Noise Cancelling Microphone, 8 Hour Playtime, Perfect for Sports, Gym, Workout
By Idris Ughiovhe on August 13, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I’m an old-fashioned man who can’t live without old Jazz, it’s been a routine work for me to talk with my daughter on the phone every day. Good clear voice on the phone without any break in a space without wall barriers, by the way, presents the original sound quality from phone vividly.
By Liz J on August 14, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I bought these to use while I workout. I'm always skeptical of buying tech products online, but I was pleasantly surprised! They are easy to set up and use. The differently sized ear bud covers allow you to get the best fit for your ears. The sound quality is great for both music and voice calls. I've had them for a few weeks and used them quite a few times. I would definitely recommend this product and retailer to a friend.
By Yoshabel on October 24, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
As it described here, such a delightful presents for sports fan as me. I do have hesitated in purchasing, because I don't want to waste my mony. But why can't we just give it a try??? 30-day money back, 18-month replacement service makes me exciting. somehow, totally surprised by its quality.
it makes no difference with the other expensive headphones in stereo quality, at least in my listening experienc.This one beats down any other headphones at $20.
By Dave Miller on October 16, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I actually love these Bluetooth headphones, both the Earpieces and over the earloops fit into my ears perfectly in extreme comfort and secure. The most amazing thing that sound quality is awesome. I don't use them to run or exercise so I can't comment on how they preform under those conditions. Primary use is for my Samsung Tab 4 and my HTC cellphone. Easy to pair and use, can't expect more.
By Soulsurfer on November 13, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Worked well for 1 month, until Bluetooth failed: Bluetooth signal can no longer be recognized by any device.
Will contact iClever and provide additional feedback regarding their support.
By Bernadette on November 2, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I am more than extremely satisfied with this purchase and I sincerely would without hesitation highly recommend these to family, friends, co-workers or to anyone looking for a quality product such as this as well as affordable. I hope you have the same experience I have had!
By Qian Wang on September 5, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
For any one who likes outdoors, it would be the first choice for listening music from portable devices through bluetotoh technology. Reasonable price, premium quality, waterproof level IPX5 sitisfys all of my daily use
By Prime User on June 25, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
 Very light weight and robust Bluetooth headphone for any uses. It's very comfortable and almost feels like you're not wearing anything in your ear. I particularly like its subtle and minimalist design compared to other brands that try to look flashy.
By tonya on October 27, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Great set of workout earbuds, they are efficient (not gizmode out) and comfortable w/ several sizing options to customize a fit that's comfortable for the wearer. These will not slip or fall out of your ear, I figure if I'm really concerned about "deep bass" and "high treble" sounds during a workout, then maybe I need to reevaluate my program. I got a great workout tool that won't leave me $200 poorer if they get jacked by some punk or crushed by accident. 
By S. M. F. on October 30, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Comfortable, lightweight, good sound. Sometimes they stop playing, without disconnecting, which is weird but not that big of a deal for me. Game changer when I realized I could disable the phone settings on my Android device. I never noticed that with my iPhone.