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iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Mic, In-ear Wireless Running Earbuds, Black

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Boost your workout to the next level with the iClever BTH20 Wireless Headphones

You're trying to get your head into your workout game, but your headphones just. keep. flicking. around! It's like those little buggers are out to ruin your hour of pumping it out. If this is you, buckle up. We've got good news coming your way.
What if we told you that we have wireless Bluetooth headphones that allows you to go the distance without causing strange, sweaty marks on your face, has stunning audio quality, and most importantly, doesn't burn a hole in your wallet? Have we gotten your attention yet? We thought so.
There are many Bluetooth headphones out in the market. We don't deny that. That's we've designed the BTH20 Sprint Headphones to be the easy choice, with:

  • In-ear, budge-free earbuds

  • Lighter-than-air 0.45oz comfort

  • Smashing audio quality with crystal clear highs and robust bass notes

  • Full 8-hour playtime for a week's worth of workouts

  • Steady connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 technology

  • Sweat and water-resistance

  • Hands-free calling and music control


Lightest Headphones Ever--Comfortable, Sweatproof, Secure Fit, Noise Cancelling Microphone, 8 Hour Playtime, Perfect for Sports, Gym, Workout
By Justin on June 20, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I absolutely love it!!!!! The sound is amazing, it's light and easy to use. Very comfortable. Clear sound, great clarity. Even better than any other headphones that I have purchased and subsequently returned over the last year or so. Great connection, battery life as well.
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By Sean H. on June 23, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
 This Bluetooth Earphones works pretty well with both my laptop and my cellphone. The quality of voice is surprisingly good for this price range. It comes with small, intermediate, and large ear plugs that you can replace with. It is good for listening to music or radio when you are working out or working on your laptop. The battery life is about 8 hours with heavy use, which is decent compared with my other Bluetooth Earphones. The charging indicator light is really helpful, and the charging speed is relatively fast.

I would recommend this product.
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By Joanne Shu on June 17, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
There are two types of people on the treadmill: those who
listen to music while running, and those who don’t. I consider myself the
former. I’m one of those who run with heart-thumping beats in my ear just to
feel like I’m in some kind of music video (anyone else here with yo homeboy?).

I’ve been running with my JBL Reflect Mini for a while now,
but mannnnn. Those earbuds make my ears feel really sore after a while. So I
was in the market for a pair of earbuds that would give me fairy godmother-like
wings while conquering that 10K. A buddy of mine recommended the iClever BTH20
Sprint, so I decided to give it a try.

Let’s dish out the differences. The JBL and iClever both
have a lot in common, with sweat resistance, ear tips and what not. In terms of
sound quality, the JBLs have an overall more balanced sound, and the sound
clarity is top-notch. But the BTH20 wins on bass for sure, letting me blast
Alesso in all of its full glory. And the BTH20’s clarity is strong enough for
me to hold on to every word of Eminem’s amazing rambles.

And with the BTH20, those things are LIGHT. Like,
I-forgot-they-were-in-my-ear kind of light. Solves the sore ear problem
perfectly. They make me feel like I can go on forever. Or… for that one good
hour of running before my stamina dies on me.

The JBLs are a little pricey, but they give a nice, balanced
sound that’s great for your daily commute. But the iClever BTH20 Sprint is
perfect for sports, insanely affordable, has great clarity, and overall gives
the big league sports earbuds a run for their money. Pretty impressive for
earbuds that costs the price of 5 burritos.
review image review image review image review image
By M. Amores on July 8, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I've been eyeing a pair of BT headphones, but with so many out there in the $20-$30 range I was reluctant to purchase something that would not last. When these came out on special ($19.99), I quickly snagged a pair for my wife to see if she'd like them. She loved them! She couldn't stop talking about them and continued to rave that she didn't even know she needed them and was very thankful. At the time, these BT headphones had a 5.0 star review and now I was even more convinced. After trying hers out, I decided to get my own. They are fantastic and do a great job. I own a pair of Beats Studio Wireless and although they are not quite the same, I admit I use these iClever more than my Beats. I fly about once a week so these iClever headphones are great for traveling. No need for a bulky storage case.

I have been able to pair them with my iPhone & Apple Watch and even got a chance to work out with them as well. Great headphones overall.

Only thing I would change is that I wish they had the magnetic backs like many others do for hanging on you neck. Not worth docking a star though. Great noise cancellation and sound!