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iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Mic, In-ear Wireless Running Earbuds, Black

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Boost your workout to the next level with the iClever BTH20 Wireless Headphones

You're trying to get your head into your workout game, but your headphones just. keep. flicking. around! It's like those little buggers are out to ruin your hour of pumping it out. If this is you, buckle up. We've got good news coming your way.
What if we told you that we have wireless Bluetooth headphones that allows you to go the distance without causing strange, sweaty marks on your face, has stunning audio quality, and most importantly, doesn't burn a hole in your wallet? Have we gotten your attention yet? We thought so.
There are many Bluetooth headphones out in the market. We don't deny that. That's we've designed the BTH20 Sprint Headphones to be the easy choice, with:

  • In-ear, budge-free earbuds

  • Lighter-than-air 0.45oz comfort

  • Smashing audio quality with crystal clear highs and robust bass notes

  • Full 8-hour playtime for a week's worth of workouts

  • Steady connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 technology

  • Sweat and water-resistance

  • Hands-free calling and music control


Lightest Headphones Ever--Comfortable, Sweatproof, Secure Fit, Noise Cancelling Microphone, 8 Hour Playtime, Perfect for Sports, Gym, Workout
By Amazon Customer on June 18, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Light weight they last long and great for the price
By Cesar F. on October 18, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
For only $20? Man this is finally one of the best Bluetooth earphones I’ve had when going out for a run or exercise. It’s cheap too so I would definitely recommend the product.
By J Caldwell on September 9, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
These seem great so far... They fit in my ears nicely and battery life seems good.
By Davit on November 3, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
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By rene bagarella on August 27, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I loved them, until they broke 6 days after the return window! Not very happy!
By Jennifer on March 4, 2018
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
Great sound and range, comfortable, outside noise blocking, clear calls and excellent for listening to music.
By Amazon Customer on August 2, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Decent quality sound and battery power. There is a small learning curve with the buds to stay in your ear, but once you've figure it out, all good! Also, can't beat that price.
By J. Zheng on December 10, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
These headphones have very good quality, Perfectly fit my ears. the sound is great and the weight is light, I am most satisfied with that it 啊llows my music to go on for 10 HOURS straight, A full charge only takes 1.5 hours, that is amazing!!!
By D. Zebrowski on October 27, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Totally, wow! Seriously! At this price?!

What an awesome, awesome deal. I have found this company, iClever, to be doing such a great job with their items.

Having purchased a number of expensive Bluetooth headsets just to be using with my phone, not even taking into account that these are made to be worn while exercising and they do that job most excellently as well, these things blow away any Bluetooth speaker I would ever buy for any phone.

The only item I would mention with regard to these headphones is that the microphone is extremely sensitive in it’s pick up. While this is terrific for giving clear conversation when speaking on the phone or even just recording, if you have background noise or your cord is banging against your body in any particular place, this will provide a lot of loud banging noise to whoever you would be talking to on the other end of your call.
By Amazon Customer on August 31, 2017
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I had some issues with the headphones but their customer support was more helpful than any other seller I've ever bought from. It would be impossible to not say give them a shot at this point. Thank you again Amy!

For the product themselves, my ears are weird so they were hard to keep in place on long runs. I need the ones that hook around your ears instead. The sound quality is amazing for the price. Definitely recommend them and if you have any issues, Amy in customer support is fast and incredibly helpful.