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iClever BoostSound BTS03 Waterproof Portable Outdoor Speakers with 12hr Playtime, Indoor Shower Speakers ,Orange

Price: USD $ 21.99


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iClever BTS03 Mini IP65 Outdoor Speakers-Small size,Big Sound

Amazing Sound Quality
It offers long-time class-leading stereo sound for supreme audio experience.

Fashion Design
Unique cubic shape, classy materials and craft makes it outstandingly stylish and popular.

Compact and Portable
With compact palm size and wristlet, it is your perfect listening companion. IP65 water resistance is an extra bonus.

- Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP
- Transmission distance: 10m
- Working time: 8-10 hours
- Charging time: 3-4 hours
- Water resistant: IP65
- Dimension: 98 x 90 x 50 mm
- Size: 286g

Package Content:
- 1 x iClever IC-BTS03 Bluetooth Speaker 
- 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
- 1 x 3.5mm Aux-in Audio Cable
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Warranty Card

iClever Compact Lightweight and Portable Speakers; with Bicycle Screw Connector, Stable Fixed on Bicycle, Perfect For Cyclists; Ideal for Poolside, Beach, Camping or Indoor for Shower
By Cole
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
So, I like this little guy quite a bit. It feels really durable, and I've done my share of throwing it around to test it a little. Keeps up well! I've had it in the rain and in a super dusty construction environment both while not experiencing any drop in quality or sound whatsoever. It keeps its battery charged around 8 hours continuous playing for me too. The one and only downfall I'm giving it is that it doesn't have the speaker on both sides like the metal might make you think. It's not a huge detriment as it's still pretty loud (think 1 speaker from your car), I just wanted something that would be louder so I could hear it across an empty warehouse and some of the reviews made you think so. Again, don't get me wrong, the amount of loudness from it is Perfect if you're putting it in your truck or a room in your house, or even garage. I just had more needs.
ps. Pairing was super easy and fast, but it pairs/unpairs from about 25 feet away. Enjoy, as I don't think you could find something as good for as cheap.
By Barry Robinson on August 25, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
What a great sound! I use this for my SW/MW/WFM/NFM radio listening which has a perfect frequency range to bring out the voices, at least for my listening tastes. I can connect this to my laptop for SDR usage or even the line-out on my PL-880. I should have bought two, just because. It's also fairly rugged and you don;t have to be gentle with it. Cranking up the volume does cause some fairly noticeable distortion but it can be listened to at a decent volume before the distortion starts and it's plenty loud. You probably want to update the headphone connection cord as it is pretty cheap.
By Eric D. on April 1, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Disappointed. I have used many bluetooth speakers. This is the only one I have used that will not stay connected to multiple devices. To pair a decice you must first un-pair any other device, this was confirm with Iclever customer service. Sound is ok, loud enough for its size, bass is ok and has little distortion. Bought this to hang in our shower, seems to be water proof. Wish it would of came with the bike attachment that they show in the picture. If not for the Bluetooth problem i would of given this 4 stars.
By Joe on August 24, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
This little speaker is awesome. Its not going to fill a room with rich sound, but for its size and price it really sounds great and has plenty of volume. I use it in the shower. When connected to my LG G5, I can double tap the + or - volume button to change songs. That wasn't in the instructions, I just stumbled upon it. My wife and I use this to listen to music when we are camping in our fifth wheel. Battery lasts for hours before needing a recharge. I can't believe how good this is for $24.
By Bill Patterson on June 1, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Very good little speaker the sound is very nice, the sound range ( lows & highs ) are distinct & clear. I use Pandora with this speakers a lot.
My LG 4 is able to be really far away & still connect to the speaker ( about 30' ) through walls etc.
By Janice L. I. on August 26, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
I bought this for my 85 year old mother because she watches movies on her Kindle and IPad. She had trouble with hearing it well enough, so the speaker solved the problem for her. I was more than impressed with the quality of the sound, and this way she can turn up the volume to where she can hear it clearly. At 86 years of age, technology is not that easy for her, but she is living the quality and ease this speaker is giving her.
By jP on April 15, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
I am a personal trainer and use this in the gym when I'm by myself and it works great. Comes with a strap which is handy too. Seems pretty rugged- I will have training sessions on the beach and I think it will do the trick!!
By Skye22 on May 29, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
This little speaker is the bees knees. It's actually dual sided which is great for our screened in porch at the lake. The house and the yard can hear the music. It syncs with no issue to any phone so far.
My favorite feature is the little voice that lets you know what it's doing. It will say "power on". Or "syncing". Very nice little speaker for the money. Highly recommend.
My husband loves taking it out with him on his kayak!
By Valley Guy on July 9, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
I love this little guy. Use it all the time. Every morning while I shower and shave in the bathroom it is loud and clear. Every evening I go for a swim in
the pool and it sounds like it is a separate sound system in the pool area. Anyone in the pool can hear it loud and clear. It's great. I also use it as
an auxiliary speaker when I make presentations from my laptop . Well worth the money. Solid and reliable.
It's the centerpiece for instant pool parties. I get the speaker playing music, light the candles around the pool, get out the wine and cheese
and wow instant party. All the people love the music. It's loud enough to have folks dance or sing around the entire pool area. It's really a game changer. Can't believe this small speaker can pump out so much sound loud and clear.
By Lady Vale on June 27, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Excellent purchase. Portable, easy to use. I took it on a trip and it worked in my hotel room, as well as a pool-side dinner with friends. I forgot to bring it in and it rained that night. I didn't worry in the morning, because though it was soaked, it kept working as if nothing. Love this little speaker. Great purchase for the price. Good value. Hooking up to the bluetooth of my phone was easy and fast.