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iClever BoostSound BTS09 Aluminum-Alloy 20W Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Rich Bass and Adjustable Backlight

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20W Bluetooth Speakers, Aluminum-Alloy Designed, Rich Bass and Adjustable Backlight, 4000mAh Power, 8 Hours Playtime


Transmission distance: 33 Feet

Working time: about 8 hours

Charging time: about 2 hours

Dimension: 220 x 200 x 130 mm


By McKnight Reviews on December 8, 2016
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
This is my fourth iClever bluetooth speaker and this one is no different from the others.Setup is just like any other bluetooth speaker quick and painless.There are 4 buttons on the top which makes it very simple to operate.The sound is very nice. It has a full base sound if you adjust the equalizer on your device. It is very loud but even at the highest level you won't get any distortion. The build quality is nice also looks like a $400 device but it is very affordable and they did not skip corners on the materials.
By D.Everett on January 14, 2017
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
I have used this speaker paired with my phone and Samsung 55 inch curved smart TV. It has a very good sound. The bass is deep and the audio output is crystal clear. It is a very high quality speaker. It charges with micro USB and the charging cable cones with it. When charged it usually last me about a week when used with the TV It can also be left plugged in where it stays ready all the time instead of having to recharge it. The battery feature is really more for portable use and the 4000 mah battery is very adequate for that. It can be brought along wherever you go and instantly you van have great sounding music from your phone. It can also be charged from your vehicle outlet with a micro USB car charger (not included). It has a 3.5 mm audio input jack with the cable included for non-wireless use from devices with 3.5 mm audio output. The speaker looks sleek and looks good wherever you put it. It is about 8 inches in diameter. A cool feature of this speaker is the LED light which can be turned on or off and has 3 dimmable brightness levels. The 5 buttons on top of the speaker for operating it are self explanatory and very easy to use. This speaker is a very high end speaker and one would think that it would cost much more. The sound, quality and features of this speaker are top notch.
By Jon on January 5, 2017
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
iClever made this bluetooth speaker with the consumer in mind. The speaker very aesthetic and made with Aluminum Alloy. It is very "slick" looking. There is handsfree calling, which while I don't use it, works! The speaker is very loud with clear audio.

I am using this in my spare bedroom for guests to have the option of listening to music. The speaker is powered by both battery and hard-line USB. The aesthetics make it go with just about any decor.
By Lawrence Darrah on August 17, 2017
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
I purchased these thinking that I could bridge them and they could act as two speakers and potentially give me a stereo sound. When I realized that was not possible I added the splitter so I could at least have both of them playing the same thing at the same time. I have yet to accomplish this... and I'm not too thrilled about doing that because how they do sound isn't that great
By ColoradoGal on June 2, 2017
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
Very pleased with the look and sound of this very portable and light weight blue tooth or auxiliary speaker! It fits just about any space. At either a low, medium or high volume, the sound and fidelity remain great! The sound quality is just as good my Bose portable bluetooth/auxiliary speaker and this speaker is about 1/4 the price of my Bose.
By B. WEEKS on December 16, 2016
Color: Silver | Verified Purchase
This speaker is the best bluetooth speaker I have found and I have several to compare it to. I purchased this speaker because of the look as well as the promise of rich bass. It does not disappoint. The blue led nightlight feature is a kinda cool plus, but certainly not the reason to pursue this speaker. The sound on the other hand IS a good reason to pay up for this speaker. The unit has some serious base and volume. I love the microSD card slot and it works great. A word of caution, the card goes way into the unit when you push it in. I used a straightened paperclip to both complete the insertion as well as extract the card. It will only go one in easy, one way... so don't force it or you may damage your card. There is no way to select certain folders, etc for the music on the card and I have no idea how it determines what order to play the songs in. In any event, the microSD slot works good and so does the aux in function (included male to male 3.5 plug). You can make all the standard bluetooth speaker changes (next selection, previous selection, vol up, vol down) at the top of the speaker and also control the brightness of the nightlight. The feet have a nice soft rubber bottom that grips the surface well. But, most important is that the sound of this speaker is certainly the best I have heard from a portable bluetooth speaker.
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