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iClever BoostSound BTS11 IPX7 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker(66 Feet Range, 20H Playtime),Black

Price: USD $ 29.99


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iClever Compact Lightweight and Portable Speakers; 20H Long Playtime; Ideal for Poolside, Beach, Camping or Indoor for Shower
By Lady Vale on June 27, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Excellent purchase. Portable, easy to use. I took it on a trip and it worked in my hotel room, as well as a pool-side dinner with friends. I forgot to bring it in and it rained that night. I didn't worry in the morning, because though it was soaked, it kept working as if nothing. Love this little speaker. Great purchase for the price. Good value. Hooking up to the bluetooth of my phone was easy and fast.
By James S on May 2, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Man, I love this thing. Use it in my garage. Spanks my old boom box. Use it in my backyard when I'm working on the pool. It's waterproof. Somebody asked the wattage. I don't know. It's pretty loud though. Suits me fine.
By Chad on May 5, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
For the price, this bluetooth speaker is pretty nice.

1. Connecting is easy
2. Battery life is solid
3. Waterproofing works
4. Sound quality is pretty decent for the price

1. If you're looking for perfect sound quality, this is not the speaker for you. The bass is especially noticeable as lacking.

For the price, it's hard to beat this speaker.
By HotRods4Ever on January 5, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
This thing is rock solid, reliable, and has extremely long battery life. I've played it for hours on end - on my way to work and then at work off an on during a 9 hour day and it doesn't run out of juice. It is easy to use and the water resistance is perfect for hanging the speaker from my snowsuit for skiing or snowboarding. I like how it speaks to me when it turns on and off so I know what mode it is in. I am using it with an iPhone 6.
By Audra on June 7, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Worked great took it tubing for four hours and it got wet regularly. Favorite part is you can play/pause and skip to the next song or go back , from the speaker itself! No need to get my phone out of its water proof case. Great price too!
By J. E. G. on July 2, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Compact, durable, easy to use, good sound quality, good buy overall.

Product update...Listened to this speaker primarily outside while working on a large fence project at my home. I thought I had left it in a tool shed over winter, but instead found it laying in my yard. I accidentally left it outside from Mid-November to the end of February! It sat outside for 3 months in Ohio. I charged the speaker, and it worked. Exposed to rain, snow, and freezing temperatures and the unit still worked.
By DianeA on March 26, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Love this speaker. I take it into the bathroom and leave my iPad in another room. Love to use it when we are in the pool. It's a simple speaker but for the price it's a pretty cool little item. My son has an expensive speaker and you can tell by the sound quality.
By bauer308 on August 24, 2017
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
We took this to the beach with us this summer and it did great. Between the water and sand getting on it, it still played music clearly and lasted for quite a few hours each day. We had been considering getting the waterproof/sandproof speak from BestBuy that was around $100, but wanted something a bit more cost effective. This was a great alternative. I don't know what the sound quality is like in comparison, but the music came through clearly and hooked up via bluetooth with no problems.
By Allan Stroop on May 14, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
Connected & Loud at 40ft good battery throw around at job sites workes great reminds me of a good boom box 15yrs ago but so tiny ! light on bass but its still sound s great compared to other bluetooth speakers its size
By Nicolette Lamp on July 15, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
You will not find a better Bluetooth speaker at this price!! The sound quality is clear, the battery life phenomenal and it's just overall top notch quality. We use it on our deck and when my husband's working in his shed. We were both amazed at the sound...clear and loud. It has a long range to that will keep you connected to whatever Bluetooth device you are using (we use our cell phones but have linked to our smart TV as well. Definitely recommend and we might purchase another!