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iClever BoostSound BTS11 IPX7 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker(66 Feet Range, 20H Playtime),Black

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iClever Compact Lightweight and Portable Speakers; 20H Long Playtime; Ideal for Poolside, Beach, Camping or Indoor for Shower
By Bill Patterson on June 1, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Very good little speaker the sound is very nice, the sound range ( lows & highs ) are distinct & clear. I use Pandora with this speakers a lot.
My LG 4 is able to be really far away & still connect to the speaker ( about 30' ) through walls etc.
By joha on January 30, 2017
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I gave this as a gift and he absolutely loves it!
By fargoadvice on March 13, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
*** An Honest Review ***

First and foremost, I was sent this to beat up a bit, put it through its paces and let everyone know what I actually think.

So, the very first thing I *though* I read was that this was 100% waterproof, so I opened it, paired it via bluetooth and seriously submerged it in my sink... yeah... so bluetooth doesn't work while submerged, but this speaker still does!


Now, for the rest of it, it's built like a friggin tank! Seriously - I would put this at on-site-construction-work tough. The unit paired easily enough - and yes, I was able to take/make a phone call with it, kind of cheesy, but it worked!!!!

Range is typical bluetooth, no surprise there. It's got some sort of new bluetooth in it, the sound is pretty good. It's got decent high's, great mids and even some bass (not butt moving, but enough to not be like those tinny small speakers) It's even got a screw terminal that worked great on my camera tripod :)

Overall, I would say this really amazed me as far as durability, which is a far cry from the crap products I normally see.
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By Amazon Customer on August 28, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
It is a great buy for the price point and overall clear sound.
My only issue is it breaks up a little bit at full volume
By Amazon Customer on June 5, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This speaker is amazing. For such a small product it puts out a crazy amount of sound. The fact that sound comes out of both sides rather than only one is a great feature which more should implement. A $20 price tag on top of all that? I think I'll buy a couple more to leave around the place
By Amazon Customer on September 9, 2017
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Pretty disappointed about this a year ago used it maybe five or six times went to turn it on tonight turns on but there's zero sound. They sent me a replacement one and I've only used in a few times so far but so far so good.
By Samira Abdalla on April 15, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Great sound
By Chewylk on February 21, 2017
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I don't know If there was a comparability problem with my cheap phone but it won't always get the signal well and would often go to slow then to fast it was weird. But my friends with an LG loved it and sweat by it now.
By Cole
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
So, I like this little guy quite a bit. It feels really durable, and I've done my share of throwing it around to test it a little. Keeps up well! I've had it in the rain and in a super dusty construction environment both while not experiencing any drop in quality or sound whatsoever. It keeps its battery charged around 8 hours continuous playing for me too. The one and only downfall I'm giving it is that it doesn't have the speaker on both sides like the metal might make you think. It's not a huge detriment as it's still pretty loud (think 1 speaker from your car), I just wanted something that would be louder so I could hear it across an empty warehouse and some of the reviews made you think so. Again, don't get me wrong, the amount of loudness from it is Perfect if you're putting it in your truck or a room in your house, or even garage. I just had more needs.
ps. Pairing was super easy and fast, but it pairs/unpairs from about 25 feet away. Enjoy, as I don't think you could find something as good for as cheap.
By Asena on August 24, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This speaker sounds amazing. I accidently put it on my phone charger instead of the charger that came with it and it ruined it. It wouldn't charge or turn on so i ordered a more expensive one that was a little bigger thinking it would work just as well but it actually sounded awful so i returned it and reordered this one.