iClever GKA2-02B Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard
iClever GKA2-02B Wireless Keyboard - Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard with Number Pad, Ergonomic Design Full Size 2.4G Reliable Connection Slim Wireless Keyboard for Mac OS and Windows, Black

Package Dimensions:  15.31 x 5.47 x 1.1 inches 

Item Weight:  1.1 pounds 


Batteries:  1 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included) 

4.95 / 5
  • The compact keyboard you need.
    Reviewed in the United States on
      This is compact keyboard, and is all I needed. Comfortable to type. I bought this because I work on two laptops and it's very annoying switching the keyboard between them. And it has long battery life. It's been over a month since I'm using it without charging it(haven't charged it since I got it). It has the feature to automatically turn off hence, saving battery life.
  • Good buy!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Slim but not too slim, comes with silicone key cover, and really great for the price
  • Great Value USB Keyboard With Excellent Customer Service
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Many things to like: utilization of the platform space that’s just enough for all the necessary keys, comfortable feel of the keys on the fingers, rechargeable via USB, auto-sleep when not being used, & on/off switch. Yes it’s lightweight, so that’s an added feature if I need to carry it around, or if I’d bring it with me when I travel. For the price, this is absolutely worth it, because I’ve seen others that was valued double. It comes with a cover that’s a pleasant surprise.
  • Excellent customer service
    Reviewed in the United States on
      I first purchased the keyboard 2 months ago. There were so many things I loved about this keyboard: it was light, thin, full-sized, but also had the ability to switch between Mac and Windows keys. It also came with a free keyboard cover, which I was not expecting but was very happy about. However, the keyboard was defective and stopped working after 2 months. I reached out to customer service and they were very communicative, professional, and helpful by offering to send me a replacement free of charge, and send me a digital copy of the user's manual so I can refer to it in the future. The new keyboard then arrived just 3 days later, and the company once again reached out to me to follow up on my customer satisfaction. The new keyboard is great, just like the first one, and is working perfectly. I'm also really glad the company is so thorough and professional in dealing with these issues and it's clear they truly value customer satisfaction.
  • Great keyboard
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Great keyboard only suggestion would be to have caps lock light.  You don’t know it’s on
  • Excellent keyboard for everyday use!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Keyboard is very lightweight, replaced a much larger one that I had and after getting used to the differences has been excellent to use! Customer service was also extremely helpful when I thought there was an issue.
  • I'll keep buying this keyboard!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      My ASUS keyboard crapped out on me, so I paid a guy to put a supposedly compatible (it wasn't, he had to jury-rig it) which also crapped out on me. I thought, why not try a portable wireless and came across this one. Not expensive at all, I highly recommend it. I'd even buy it to use on any laptop to extend the life of your keyboard, save the original for those times you need to be really portable.
  • Great keyboard for the price
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Wanted a quiet keyboard (I usually use mechanicals), that feels nice and is easy to type on. This is perfect.

    My only gripes are that I can't angle it higher, and a few of the keys are oddly placed or too small, like the up/down arrow keys.
  • Best keyboard with affordable price!!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      I am completely satisfied on this keyboard after using for almost one month. This is the best keyboard i ever used and that too at an affordable price
  • Love it.
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Small and compact