iClever Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor
iClever Air Quality Monitor, Wireless Chargeable Air Quality Tester for PM2.5/PM10/PM1.0/Temperature/Humidity, Indoor Outdoor Air Detector for Home/Office/Car and Various Occasion (White)
4.42 / 5
  • Portable and Useful
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        It’s a simple device, easy to set up and use. The app helps keep track of air quality history. The LED display easily tells the air quality level. Overall, I think it’s worth it.
  • Be Aware of Your Air!
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        Super cool little gadget. Whether you have health problems or just want to stay on top of the air you are breathing, this is a great option. I don’t have much experience with this type of machinery but from what I’ve read this is a lower priced entry level type of device. There are other more accurate models that cost several hundred dollars but are only marginally more accurate. Sounds like unless you need it for some scientific purpose this is more than enough for standard home/office/car monitoring. The unit is pretty much plug and play. You turn it on it and monitors the levels or particulate matter in the air + current temperature and humidity. This measures the particulate matter by size. So PM 1.0 are very small super microscopic particles that are not filtered by standard HEPA filters or N95 masks, The PM 2.5 is where you get into the virus and smoke levels that a HEPA filter or N95 would contain and PM 10.0 are larger particles that are definitely filterable but could still cause harm or irritation to your respiratory system. The unit glows Green, Orange or Red to indicate current air quality. This makes it really easy to get an idea of the air quality from a glace across the room without getting actual number readings.  It comes with an app that allows you to keep track of your current and past air quality to look for trends. You can also log what room you have the device in so you can keep track of things based on location as well. Powered by standard USB cable and has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. I’ve found you really need to leave the unit plugged in for ongoing monitoring. The battery goes pretty quick when its not hooked up. Instructions mention to be careful with cube so you don’t mess up the sensitive monitoring equipment. I’ll say that I’ve dropped mine on the concrete twice pretty hard and it don’t see any decline in function. That said, I don’t suggest trying to drop yours but you can feel good that if it does happen at some point you’ll probably be okay. Solid 5 stars on this item!
  • An Essential if Air Quality is Important to You
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        I have friends and family that have respiratory issues like asthma, so an air quality monitor like this is very useful to me.  I don't really know how it works or how accurate it is in detecting the air quality, but if it does what it says it does, it's priceless.  The temperature and humidity seems to be correct.

    The item itself seems to be solidly built. It looks pretty cool. The glowing green light makes my room look futuristic. The screen is also bright and easy to read. Also, It's really light; it's about the same size as one of those small portable BT speakers. I plan on carrying this in my car and test it out in different environments.

    I would recommend this item. It's a nifty little gadget.
  • Simple and inexpensive
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        I was looking for a reliable pm 2.5 censor at a reasonable price. For those that can connect to WiFi, it usually costs about $150+.  The reading is consistent and reliable, as I compared to my AtmoTube. Happy with it so far.
  • Works Perfectly
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        I was skeptical but this works like a charm. As the air quality gets worse the numbers will climb on the display which can also be seen in the app which is actually decent. I’m also able to view the air quality of wherever I place the sensor remotely. In addition to the readings on the display, the backlight color will change from green to orange and then red as the air quality changes for quick identification. I was able to test this out after doing some wood working as the house . As the room got dustier from the saw dish and power tools, the sensor changed and rose through all three levels all the way to 98 and red. I recommend having something like this around the house to be aware of what you’re breathing. This comes with a power cord but also has a batter and can be used without being plugged in.
  • Overall good product
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        The setup for the product was easy and the display is easy to read. The battery life is very short, so I leave it plugged in most of the time. Thus far, I like it, and app is also a nice feature.
  • Good for monitoring air quality, short battery life though, needs no app!
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        When I first picked this; I wanted to have a second device to watch my air quality. I have a small device that records air quality but it can only be linked to one BT device at once and the app really kills your battery life.
    However this device doesn't require any app because it has a screen! I haven't actually installed the app (and I am not sure what the app is because there are many apps of the same name).
    I have been running this device for months and it runs flawlessly.
    However if you take it off of the charger and leave it to run on battery; I find that it tends to die in a few hours. I know that I left my house after unplugging it and when I came home at night the device was already dead.

    The cube has one button which seems to turn the screen on and off and that is that.... no combination of button pressing seems to do anything.
    I have noticed that if you put it in an area with bad air quality (I had to find one) that it will turn yellow and eventually red (the lights on the device).

    The device is also not 100% silent all the time; it seems to have a small fan on the inside and depending on what surface you put this on it may or may not make noise.
    For me I leave it on my desk at all times and I haven't had a problem with it over the last months.

    If you are looking for a device to monitor your air quality that you don't mind leaving plugged in at all times; this is a good option. Devices like this are not cheap to make and hence this is why it is so expensive.

    If this review helped you at all; please mark it helpful! Thanks!
  • Pretty simple to use; accurate enough for the value
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        This isn't the most accurate but it is within about 5 or 10% of one that I have that runs about 3 times what this MSRP is listed at. This is pretty neat how it changes the color depending on the readings that it calculates. It is super simple to put this in a room and know if the air quality is good or if it is poor. Something interesting that I've noticed is that the reading goes way up when cooking (or especially if you accidentally burn anything). Additionally, it spiked through the roof when I came in from being around a bonfire. This makes sense, provided there are things being burned and turned into microscopic particles that this picks up. The interface is super simple (almost too much so) and it is valuable to me as an indicator of overall air quality.


    Pretty good value
    Easy to setup
    Accurate enough (while costing a lot less)
    Light is good but not overbearing at night


    Interface is simple; I wish you could check out more stuff in the app

    Overall, this is a cool little air quality monitor for those interested in keeping an eye on such a thing. Since I do, I find this very useful and recommend checking it out/considering it (among other ones) if you are in the market.
  • Readings available directly from the device AND through the app.
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        My favorite thing about this monitor is that readings are available directly from the device AND through the app.  I have no way to verify the air quality is correct.  However, I have noticed after running an air purifier for a few hours, the numbers improve.  The temperature is accurate within a degree.
  • A Good Little Device
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        This is a nice little air quality monitor. It’s easy to set up. Now I can monitor air quality easily. One thing I noticed is that the temperature and humidity readings are off. And it looks like no way to calibrate it.