iClever Slambox Bluetooth Speakers - 20W Powerful Wireless Speaker with Superior Audio Sound, Capacitive Touch Control, Long-Lasting Battery Life, Perfect for Party Beach Outdoors
  • 20W powerful stereo sound: features powerful and Premium Audio drivers, This wireless speaker can raise the Roof with exceptionally balanced notes and rich bass.

  • Magic that Lasts Longer: 14 hours of playing time to be exact. This wireless speaker is equipped with a high capacity li-ion battery that recharges fully in 3 hours

  • Bluetooth V4.2 version: compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, tablets, play Audio from laptops, PCs, MP3 player

  • Hands free function: with built-in mic, you can answer phone calls using the hands free function

  • WHAT you get: friendly customer service, 30-day no hassle money back guarantee, 18-month Replacement warranty



- Auto off function to save battery power

- Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2

- Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP

- Speaker: 2 x 10W

- Transmission distance: 33ft

- Battery: up to 14 hours

- Charge time: about 3 hours

4.71 / 5
  • Great price for quality sound
    April 3, 2019
    Great sound for the office.
  • Great Buy
    April 2, 2019
    I was expecting a basic bluetooth speaker. However, the sound is great & works amazingly.
  • You can not go wrong!
    March 19, 2019
    For the price there is NO better speaker..Very loud and clear!
  • This speaker is awesome
    February 17, 2019
    This speaker is awesome and it also has awesome sound very very loud
  • decent
    February 15, 2019
    clear sound, hits deep bass notes well, low distortion when maxed out, heavier and sturdier than most in its price range.
  • love it
    February 9, 2019
    I ordered this because I have a hearing deficiency and have to wear a wireless headset to listen to the television without blasting my wife away.  She is always talking to me while I had the headset on and I would have to remove it and say "what" to which she would replay "never mind"...you see the problem.  anyway I thought I could resolve this by getting a Bluetooth speaker and placing it near me, thus I could hear the tv and her while using my hearing aid (can't use 'em with a headset).  now it bothers her because it's too loud, the sound comes from another direction, or I can hear the tv and your speaker at the same time.
    That said This speaker is much more than I expected as far as quality and sound. It's a very heavy unit for its size. I'm not an audiophile but the sound to me is that of a much larger speaker and the base is well defined. I have very little problem with voice pitch even with the hearing problem. ( I have a problem with certain higher ranges in voice pitch).
    the Bluetooth connection works flawlessly but be patience as it may take a minute or two on finding your transmitting device initially. once you've made the initial connection it will automatically reconnect when you turn the speaker off and back on. I know for a fact the range of reception for this speaker is near 30', beyond that I can't say and a lot of the range may depend on your transmitters range. you can also connect directly by using the include cable. The charge time appears to be about 3-4 hours and the battery life is definitely in the 9 hour range. you can also leave it permanently connected to a power source if that's your desire. Charging Is provided by using a usb cable connected to your PC or an a/c adapter equivalent. I highly recommend. Enjoy.
  • What a Deal!
    February 1, 2019
    I just got this yesterday for my classroom.  I had previously spent around $100 for another wireless that I thought would be loud enough. It wasn't.... This speaker is loud!!!  Some of the higher end speakers have better sound quality, but this one is more than satisfactory.
  • Wow
    January 24, 2019
    This thing is loud& proud.Jut got it so far amazed at the sound lets see further down the road.
  • Based on the different quality of music it plays good
    January 13, 2019
    Good sound.Feeling good when playing tunes with high base and its good and loud 20watt.
  • This product is a steal
    January 6, 2019
    I was looking for a new bluetooth speaker that would primarily function as a home sound system and not something I'd be frequently carrying around with me. Even though this one had only a few reviews whereas others had hundreds , settled on it for a few reasons.
    #1 Most of the comparable speakers in the same price range were somewhere between 5W-12W and this one is 20W. I'm not an audio engineer so I don't know a lot about what exactly makes a speaker louder and its sound quality better, but common sense seemed to imply that higher wattage would make a more powerful speaker. After using this speaker it looks like this has been proven true. If you want loud, this thing will give you LOUD. I haven't even heard what it's maximum volume is yet because it's already so loud at just a few levels in and I don't want my neighbors complaining lol. That's how loud it is. The other speakers I was considering had TWS technology which enables you to pair two speakers together to amplify the volume and give a "surround sound" effect. Those were 10W each though, so this speaker seems to deliver the power of two although I guess you may be missing out on the multilateral sound that two would provide.
    #2 This speaker is a bit larger and heavier than comparable models, which I thought would make it capable of withstanding loud volume without any kind of distortion. That has proven to be true so far. Even with the volume booming the sound is clear, the bass doesn't rattle at all and there's no distortion that I've been able to detect. A lot of other speakers are tiny which is great for portability but I was worried the the sound quality would be poorer at high levels.
    #4 Dual-driver. It it dual-driver which I read provides better sound quality than with a single driver- less distortion, more precise sound frequency which makes for clearer, smoother sound. This was something a lot of the other ones I looked at had, but not all.
    #5 Aesthetics. I wanted something simple and solid without crazy bright colors or an odd shape. The touch buttons were a big plus too. Now practically speaking touch buttons don't make a huge difference but they're easier to handle and make the product look more premium. There are a few little things that I don't like, such as the prominent logo on the front that I don't really care for and there not being a battery level indicator, but those are pretty minor. There were some speakers that looked a bit more stylish but I was willing to forgo one that looked slightly better for all the other advantages this one had.
    $6.Price- This was a main consideration, and though there were quite a few other speakers in this price range this one seemed like the better value overall.

    Ultimately I'm real happy I took a chance and picked this one out, it meets all my expectations and you just can't go wrong with the price. Sure it's not waterproofed, extra lightweight or stylish but as a powerful home speaker with great sound quality it suits my purposes perfectly.