iClever WiFi Door & Window Alarm Sensor
iClever WiFi Door Window Sensor, Smart Sensor Contact Door Window Sensor, Compatible with Alexa Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Wireless Security Alarm Door Open Chime for Home Bussiness Alert

Communication: WiFi 2.4GHz

Power: 3.7V lithium battery (500mA lithium battery)

Charging Mode: Micro-USB 5V/1A

Power Consumption: peak current≥300mA / standby current≥5uA

Power consumption: 1uA

WiFi: only support 2.4G frequency, 802.11 a / b / g / n

Working Temperature: 14~122℉ / -10~+50℃

Working Humidity: 10%~95% RH

Dimension: 2.83x1.69x0.62inch / 72x42.8x15.8mm

Weight: 1.27oz / 36g

Installation maximum allowable distance: 5mm

Uses Sensing the opening and closing of doors, windows, appliances, furniture doors, drawers and other objects

How does it work with Alexa

As an example, the supported voice command is as below to get the state of the "front door":

Alexa, is the front door locked?

Then Alexa will answer you "Yes" or "No".

How does it work with Google home

As an example, the supported voice command is as below to get the state of the front door:

Ok Google, is the front door on?

Ok Google, is the front door off?

Ok Google, is the front door on or off?

4.95 / 5
  • Great peace of mind.
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Charged it up and installed. Easy wifi connection and now get alerts when my doors open. Even set up Smart Life to check the basement door every night and alert me if it is open. I can ask Google if a door is open or closed. Been using for two months and my busy door is still fully charged.
  • This is a fabulous product,
    Reviewed in the United States on
      simple and effective
  • simple and effective door sensor.
    Reviewed in the United States on
      I INSTALLED Iclever IC-CWD1W wifi door sensor it was very straight forward to install provided double sided tape to mount to the door.  there are only two buttons on the back side of the sensor .  one sliding power on/off,  2nd pairing bottom.  once you install smart life app, search for the device and install it.  it only wakes up when there is activity on the sensor unlike some other sensors like Samsung smart things multi sensor  which updates the temperature every 10 minutes but drains the battery Very fast... in this sensor it has usb charging port which save you headaches from buying batteries...  the mounting bracket  has removeable brackets which will be handy to remove when it will be time to recharge... the manual says rechargeable  batteries will last about 6 to 8 months... so far i love it, it recommend to use 2.4 Ghz wi-fi Network for more reliable signals.
    i think this is really nice sensor and real cheap compare to other sensor. which i also have[samsung smart things] which requires hub to be installed and Hub need to be mounted close to the sensor and if you have more then one sensor then good luck..... and thats why i ended up with this sensor...... i am Highly satisfied
  • Works every time
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Easy to install and setup. It does exactly what it was designed to do.
  • Love it
    Reviewed in the United States on
  • Easy to add to Smart Life and Alexa~ and it works!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Easy hook up to Smart Life App once you get the on switch found. My eyesight is not very good and I had to remove the back cover to turn on and reset. Alex automatically found it too. It was easy to set up a routine to have Alexa turn on a light when the door is opened and turn it off when closed. The light is in the kitchen and the door is on the shed. Works great so far. I tried another sensor that said "it work with Alexa" - it did not.
  • Simple setup!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Super easy to install and connected perfectly with the Smart Life app which I use for my WiFi cameras. I’m ordering more of these to put on the rest of the house!
  • Easy to install works consistently!
    Reviewed in the United States on
      I’ll leave my front outer screen door to my front porch unlocked. I put this on the door. It chimes on my watch every time the door is opened so I am prepared to check for deliveries or for guests. Turn the switch on wait 10 seconds and then push the button for about five seconds then it will show up properly in the software recommended in the instructions, simple life. Remember that anytime you use smart devices, these are a cascading set of events. What I mean is when you get something smart you log into it then it usually offers a link to handshake with other smart devices you want them to interact with like an Alexa device.
  • Good
    Reviewed in the United States on
      It is good very helpful
  • The app has versatility To add other items
    Reviewed in the United States on
      Getting it to pair was difficult, it’s not my wi-fi , I have a smart a pool light and backyard light smart switch connection much further to the router . Once It paired , it was super easy to use the app and been working FABULOUSLY. Be patient and it’s worth it . Priced just right .