iClever Wireless Charger, 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad
state of the art technology, and convenience. This slim, powerful device can charge all Qi mobile phones in a fraction of the time


Input: 9V/1.67A, 5V/2A ; Output: 9V/1A, 5V/1A ; Power: 10W/7.5W/5W ; Charging distance: 2~8mm


1, Metal and magnetic attachments, credit cards or cases thicker than 5mm will interfere with charging.

2, Using QC2.0 / QC3.0 adapter(Not included) for best charging experience, iPhone original adapter is not recommended.

3, Please note that wireless charging is supposed to be slower than regular wired charging as it protects your devices charging port and prolongs battery's life.

4.88 / 5
  • Small/Compact Wireless Charger
    January 15, 2019
    Got this little device for my husband to keep next to the bed, so he can charge his phone. Works great and love that it doesn't take a lot of space. Good Value for the money
  • Charges Android phones quick, well built
    January 15, 2019
    This Qi charger from iClever works as advertised.  It charged my old Moto Droid Turbo fairly quickly despite it being completely dead when I started.  You'll see the startup screen on the Turbo in my photos.  The second I put the phone on the charger, it turned itself on.  There is a green light when the phone is charging that tells you it is, in fact, charging.  The light is not overpowering and I've had no problem with the light distracting me on my nightstand when I'm trying to sleep.

    As you'll see in the unboxing photos, the charging pad comes in nice, gift-worthy packaging. The micro-USB port that powers the device is tucked in the back and has plastic that covers it a little bit. I could see this being a saving grace if you happen to spill your drink on it or drop something on the device.

    Overall, I'm happy with the iClever charging pad. My wife loves using Qi pads and has recently confiscating the iClever for her own nightstand! It is quite possible I'll be buying a second one soon.

    Disclosure: I received this item at a discount from iClever. This fact does not change my opinion of the device.
  • Nice wireless charger makes charging my phone so easy!
    January 12, 2019
    Just got my first wireless charger today. How awesome to be able to just sit the phone on this pad and it charges, just like that! The iClever charger seems week made. I like the light on the front of the unit that stays lit so long as it is in charging mode. Auto turns off when the charge is complete. Can’t speak to the longevity of this charger but it looks studprdy enough.  Wish the included USB cord was longer. for my setup, 3 feet is just a little too short, but for most people it’s probably enough.
  • Awesome Charger
    January 7, 2019
    This charger works as described. I use it on an Apple XS Max with no issues.
  • So far, so good!
    January 5, 2019
    This is great for my teens, who usually rip the cords out of their phones. Now, all they have to do is set it on top of the pad. It charges right through the case. Very convenient. We’ve just had it since Christmas, but so far, it’s working well.
  • Make my life easier
    January 4, 2019
    The quality is great! And I love the texture, feels like leather. It's much more convenient than plug in charger. I'll buy one more and put it in my bedroom.
  • Awesome
    January 4, 2019
    Love the ease of use.  No more having to plug in the phone
  • Good
    January 3, 2019
    Great wireless charger comes with a great price. It is such convenience of being able to sit at my desk, not having to fumble with unplugging and re-plugging cables in every time I want to look at my phone. It charges fast enough, though if you are looking for speed and you are an iPhone user, I would suggest purchasing the Apple wireless charger. Overall, I would recommend this product to someone who was trying to simplify their charging experience.
  • Very pleased with my iClever
    January 3, 2019
    Love this charger.  Compact.  Lightweight.  Charges iPhone quickly.  Very pleased with iClever product.
  • Excellent charger
    January 1, 2019
    Works well for phones but did not work with my wireless Corsair Mouse without setting off protection mechanisms in the charging unit.