iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard with 3-Color Backlight, Tri-Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Aluminum Alloy Base for iOS Windows Android Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, PC and More

iClever Ultra Slim Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with LED Backlight Better Your Trip with Stable Connection and Quick Response, Sync Up to 3 Devices Wherever and Whenever You Want, for Both Big and Small Fingers

Full-size Bluetooth Keyboard
Equipped with full standard-size keys, you can fast adapt to this new keyboard for fluent and comfortable typing experience

Dual Working Mode
When simultaneously connected to a Bluetooth-enable Smartphone wirelessly and a laptop via USB cable, you can freely switch the working mode by pressing “Fn + Q” or “Fn + W”. That means, one device is in activated status while the other is in standby status

RGB Color Backlight
You can adjust backlit brightness level, and also freely shift its color by pressing “ Fn+ Alt + Up” key or “ Fn + Alt + Down” key

Product Specifications
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0 
Operating range: up to 10m
System requirements: iOS, Windows, Android 
Power: built-in 750mAh lithium battery 
Uninterrupted Working Time: 5H (backlight on) ~ 300H (backlight off) 
Standby Time: 90 days 
Charging Time: Within 4H 
Key lifespan: 3 million clicks 
Dimensions: 291 x 117 x 8.25 mm (unfolded) / 166 x 120 x 14.8 mm(folded)

4.75 / 5
  • Awesome little keyboard
    February 10, 2019
    This keeper is awesome! It is exactly what I was looking for. Is small lightweight it opens up to a full-size keyboard is incredibly easy to type on and I don’t have any difficulty with the key placement at all. I could not be happier with this product and I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a small portable keyboard to use I do with your iPhone with your iPad. It hooked up and mediately without any hesitation. This really is really surprising because most the time with the Apple products and an off label item I have difficulty .  This was a tremendous value and I would recommend it to anyone. The shipping was fast and I’m highly satisfied with this product
  • Exceptional! My opinion on Durrability, Key feel, size, and portability.
    February 10, 2019
    Exceptional keyboard for the price! The only thing that scares me are the areas that are plastic feel very fragile this is not a rugged keyboard if its treated with care i feel it can last a long time. Could it be stronger of course but for the amount your paying the materials are amazing. The keys feel great!! I’m writing their review with the keyboard and i was a bit wrrried about the feel of the keys that potentially because of its portability they would have to cut down on those area but that is not the case here the keys are amazing, I’m used to mechanical key boards and this definetely fulfills my desire for colicky was but at the same time it is not loud i would not have a problem using this at night. All in all i have only had the keyboard for a little bit so i cant speak tot the logevity of it but the warranty it comes with puts me at price in that respect. One of the main issues i was having while considering this keyboard is that it doesn’t lock when opened so that i would be able to use it on my lap, he keyboard does have some magnets that kind of help but not very much it is not specifically designed for Lao use i would say but! Because its a tru folding keyboard and doesn’t fold in the middle if you put it on your la the right way it does not tr to close one you. Is it the perfect keyboard for lap use? No but it still does a great job at it for i want it i wont be doing much writing on my lap but to know that i can if i want to is awesome. I spend most of my day studying and i opt to use an iPad and my phone for what i do so this keyboard is perfect for me!! I can think that for a wide range of people it would e perfect too. I purchased the full size version of this keyboard because although i want portability Ihaving a full size keyboard is important to me, i have a magic keyboard for my computer and when fully open this is the same size. When this keyboard is closed if you get the full size version it isn’t very small you can fit it in a pocket but not all pockets i would say women would have a hard time putting this in a pocket but with some men pants having big pockets it may do. I will not be carrying this in a pocket i have a bag that i carry my everyday things in and it is perfect for that because although its not great for pockets its still small in terms of a bag and does not take up a lot of space at all. Thank you guys for reading this all i absolutely love this keyboard and i spend a lot of time in the review secretion when I’m thinking about buying something so i hope this helps someone.
  • Great buy!
    February 8, 2019
    I just got this, but I'm already pretty impressed with it. I had a cheap Bluetooth keyboard I got from Walmart that was kinda bleh.
    This one is great so far, and since it's designed to use with iOS, all the function keys work and do what they're supposed to! My cheap Walmart one has several buttons that don't work on an iPad. There's no lag after a keystroke, it wakes up really quickly, re-pairs quickly, the metal it's made of seems very durable. The fact that it folds up is awesome and the backlight is just fantastic. The carrying pouch it comes with is very handy and also has room for my Bluetooth number pad. The keyboard and number pad have made my iPad waaaay more useful. Who needs a laptop?!
  • Great keyboard
    February 3, 2019
    I use it often for my phone and tablet. It's great and I like typing on it.
  • Solid and portable!
    February 1, 2019
    Comparing it to my Macbook Pro 15' keyboard, this portable keyboard is almost identical.
    With decent key travel, and build, it is the best portable keyboard I've seen so far. I also enjoy the fact that it comes with a nice little carry bag for it.

    Not to say it doesn't have its flaws.
    Despite the keyboard having a magnet that locks it when it's folded, it doesn't seem to have a way to lock the hinges making it hard to use if you're typing on your lap or an uneven surface.
    Seeing how some users are used to typing on a keyboard that can be propped up to an angle, I can see how this keyboard can be difficult to get used to. It does have rubber feet that can be folded out to secure, but it doesn't prop it up significantly.
    Backlit keyboard colours are awesome with Red, Blue, and Green, and can be a bit underwhelming in a well lit room, but at night it looks perfectly fine.
    The rigidity of the overall keyboard is great but the plastic hinges makes it feel cheap at times.

    - Works and connects quick
    - Same size a regular keyboard with minimal key size differences
    - lightweight
    - Feels solid overall
    - Has retractable rubber feet to secure keyboard
    - Locks solidly together when folded
    - comes with carry pouch

    - Plastic hinges may feel cheap and fragile
    - Backlit keys are not noticeable in bright room
    - Hard to type on lap as it folds up
    - Does not come with support to have it slant towards you
  • Sturdy, stable, and works very well
    January 31, 2019
    I bought this because it's the only portable keyboard I can find that will connect USB or bluetooth.  I have a workstation that can't do bluetooth but this keyboard works well with it connected via USB, and I can quickly switch over to the tablet using bluetooth.  Folds up to a size that fits a pocket in the backpack but unfolded is a full sized keyboard.  I have a 2016 Macbook pro and I hate its keyboard.  The iClever has just enough travel so I know when I'm hitting a key.  Function and feature keys work with the iPad without a problem.  This has become my primary keyboard for two laptops, the phone, and the tablet.
  • Excelent.
    January 31, 2019
    Incredibly functional and ease to pack away and carry it.
  • Great!
    January 30, 2019
    Just got it in the mail and im already loving it. It can be folded nice and compact. Its not flimsy or anything. The keys feel great as you type (much better than the apple keyboard). Don't know the battery life just yet but it can be connected both theough bluetooth and or wired. Definetely recommended for this great price!
  • Good product very portable
    January 29, 2019
    Good: Verry small and portable with a pocket.  Right size when open. 2 side shim very useful for stability.

    Bad: the charger input a little bit fragile. Battery Life short with backlite, don’t Forget to turn off at each use. No num keypad modèle
  • Excellent
    January 27, 2019
    Nice keyboard.  The backlighting is a winner.