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iClever 10000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

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iClever- Ever Clever
Ready for Travel
Handsized compact design with high capacity 10000mAh lithium polymer battery, this iClever portable solar charger is really perfect for travel all over the world. With solar panel, it can recharge automatically in the sunlight. It is possible to charge quickly in case of emergency such as travel, party, barbecue, hiking, earthquake, disaster etc.
SmartID Technology
Equipped with SmartD Technology, it can recognize any device and maximize the charging efficiency. 2 USB ports provide charging efficiency up to 2.4A/port,total 3.1A, allows you to charge smartphones and tablets simultaneously. 2.4A USB port with smartID output for iPad/Tablets. 1.0A USB ports for smartphone or other devices,
USB 1: 5 V / 2.4 A
USB 2: 5V / 1A
High Capacity 10000mAh
Built-in 10000mAh lithium polymer battery with over 500 times complete charge-discharge cycles, it is equipped with overload,over charge/discharge and short circuit multiple protection.


Two Charging Options
It can be recharged by connecting to micro USB cable and getting the solar panel surface expose to sunlight
LED Flashlight for outdoor use
3 Modes LED Lights: High,low and strobe light. Built-in 12 LED lamps,it can be used as a torch,or as a LED flashlight in darkness,SOS for emergency use.
IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
Waterproof ,dustproof and shock-resistant, ideal for outside use.
USB Input:DC 5v/2.0A
Solar Panel Input:DC 5V/200
Output: 2*USB(DC 5V/2.4A+ DC 5V/1A)

Package contents:
1* iClever 10000mAh Solar Power Bank
1* Mirco USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual

Kindly Note:
1. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is very limited,which may take long time to fully recharged due to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate,we highly recommend charge it via wall outlet
2. It is waterproof, pls do not immerse it in water or any other liquid

Dual USB Port Charger Battery with Led Light, IP67 Waterproof Solar Charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android phones
By Roz on May 17, 2017
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 First impressions
charging my Google Pixel just fine. I have tried it also with my BT speakers and it is charging well.
Solar seems to be charging fine. i just don't know how fast it charges. on the box it states 5v/200ma with solar charging.
I wasn't impressed with the provided cable as it was a snug fit to push into the USB charging ports 1 and 2. my other cables at home fit just fine without an issue. I would take off a star for the poor cable quality but since i have many lying around the house this is not a big deal. The device build quality, performance has been as expected so far for the past few days.
To turn on the led light you have to tap the little power button twice, then tap it once to toggle through the different modes: light, strobe. tap twice to turn off. the added LEDs is a great touch on a portable battery as it is convenient if you are camping, or going on a hike etc.
Attaching video of the un-boxing so it helps others.
By Dennis Swena on June 3, 2017
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Don't expect the solar cells to charge this alone, more for topping off the battery or keeping the charge up while you use it. Very sturdy and compact. Has worked well for me. It has 2 USB ports for output. It has a sturdy built in loop for hanging it from your backpack or as a camping lantern.
By B. Tiplitz on May 22, 2017
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The iOS iPhone 7plus seems to max out a 1.7a which is faster than most. There is also a bilt in light. This feature is spectacular. Brightest light I own short of a plug.

I tried charge this on the solar but it seems to take forever. Says it's a 200ma charger so that would take perhaps a week. The manual says it's for topping off the charge. I'm determined to charge it on solar just once

Overall I like it. I'd rate it with 4 1/2 stars but can't
review image
By Emschaub on June 11, 2017
${review.color} | Verified Purchase
This battery pack is in constant use in my house-- I bought a solar charger and charge this most of the day and then use this overnight to charge my devices. I like that it has 2 usb ports and the light is an added bonus (although I rarely use it). The device has a solar panel on it, but is mostly for decorations as the instructions say it is basically for "topping off the battery"--I'm not sure I can even say that it would do that. Don't buy it to be a solar charger but if you are choosing between a similar battery, then maybe it would be an extra feature. I hope to get at least a year or more of charging from this.
By jc on August 1, 2017
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Charged my phone once off of the initial battery charge on it when received. Now my phone battery is toast. Not sure what happened but my phone would go all day on 1 charge before and now it is only a few hours. It was very identifiable that this was the cause as the results were direct. (I have had my phone for quite a while without issues, then immediately it wouldn't work after the first time I charged my phone using this pack.) Left the solar panel in direct bright shiney daylight for 8+ hours and never even went to the second led light.
So yeah, doesn't charge and fries batteries.
By Sandi on August 27, 2017
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This is a very rugged and durable charger. I topped it off with electricity first as it says it's you in the manual, and this just lay it in the sun while I'm charging my phone and it replenished the battery just fine. I have charge my phone from less than 20% three times and it still shows for lights on the indicator , so I think the solar charging to keep it topped off is working excellent. The LED light is awesome, it is huge the largest and brightest one I have ever seen on a charger. It has 2 USB ports and it charges with a micro USB. It has a little strap that you can put a hook like a carabiner on it and strap it to backpack purse anything like that. The USB ports do you have a little rubber cover on them it looks to be very rugged like it would withstand a lot of drops and bumps. I'm really impressed with everything on this charger. The only thing I would improve upon it is one port being a fast charge and the other Port being a trickle charge. I have claimed this charger as mine. But it has plenty of juice to share. If you're looking for an awesome charger, I highly recommend this one.
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