iClever 21000mAh USB C Power Bank PD 30W Portable Charger
Power Delivery 30W USB Type-C Portable Charger with USB 3.0 Quick Charging for Nintendo Switch, MacBook 2016, USB Type-C Laptop

-Size: 7.11× 3.01× 1.02 inch -Capacity: 21000mAh
-Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery
-Type-C Input/output: 5V-9V/3A,12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A
-Lightning Input: 5V/2A
-Smart ID Output: 5V/2.4A
-QC Output: 3.6V-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A
-Weight: 17.9 Oz

Package Contents: 
1× Power Bank
1× Velvet Bag
1× C to C Cable
1× User Manual
1× Warranty Card

4.84 / 5
  • Product made of good quality
    Johnny Avonon June 21, 2018
    Dependable, well made, all that it's supposed to be.
  • great capacity and charge real fast
    Annabell Johnon May 5, 2018
    The capacity of this power bank is huge and it took me almost one day to charge fully for the first time. The charge on my iPhone is real fast. I use it as my major charger at home so that I don't need to find a wall outlet. I will buy another one for my son cause he plays video games on phone and needs a good power bank. Highly recommended!
  • Nice charger. The capacity is big enough but still ...
    Steven H.on May 3, 2018
    Nice charger. The capacity is big enough but still TSA compliance. It can charge my Pixel 2 XL very quickly with PD support. It is a 30W USB-C charger, exactly what I want. I can use it charging my phone and also charging my laptop. It is a decent charger for the feature at this unbeatable price, and the shipping speed was unbelievable fast!

    The USB-C port can be used for both charging the phone(output) and charging the power bank(input). It is amazing to charge *and* discharge the unit at 30 watts from a single port. This is a full USB-C compliant charger. This is what USB-C standard was designed for!

    BTW, I am not a fan for black. I would like to have more color choice. It there can be orange or mint , I will rate it 6 stars.
  • This is perfect to take on trips
    Felix the Caton April 30, 2018
    This is one of the most valuable products that I have got. It saves half of the time to charge phone and laptop compare to other chargers. This is perfect to take on trips.
  • Huge capacity; well-made
    LoveGadgeton April 26, 2018
    Well-made unit and easy to use. It is probably not light-weight battery pack considering it is big capacity 20000mAh, it is almost the size and weight of portable laptop AC charger unit. I like it also has emergency light as well. Make sure to check the spec, it is max 30Watt total, so 20V/1.5V, 5V/3A...
  • Work great for many devices and charge fast
    JamesonLawon April 25, 2018
    The power supply works great with my phone and laptop and charges very fast. I brings it everywhere in my backpack on my trips to have a peace of mind. It comes with a carrying bag to protect it from scratching. Very happy with the purchase.
  • Five Stars
    T.Z.on April 25, 2018
    Great capacity! Wish its size were smaller and lighter though.
  • First Rate Product
    D. Rothwellon April 23, 2018
    Easy to charge this power bank and even easier to connect it to my devices. It contains enough power to recharge my iPad twice before refilling the bank. Great Value!
  • The charger holds way more energy than it looks and useful to bring on trips
    Aaron waion April 22, 2018
    iClever’s at it again. The charger holds way more energy than it looks and useful to bring on trips. Nice.
  • Impressive!
    Yvonne Crawfordon April 11, 2018
    When I looked at the specs at first, I was in disbelief. A 30w usb-c charger… I needed exactly that. And this ~20000mAh size was exactly what I wanted. I wanted this to charge both my laptop and my iPhone at fast-charging speeds. I did not need quick-charge, but that was still a plus. "SmartID" was useful for legacy iPhone charging (before iPhone 8, as the newer iPhones charge slightly faster via the USB-C port). Finally, I found the lightning-in port to be a major plus for charging the device, as I have dozens upon dozens of lightning cables.
    I preferred this device over most other similar chargers as it does not include a micro-usb port. Those can sometimes get unnerving, considering how few micro-usb cables I use. The lightning port is very convenient.
    After the purchase, I took a closer look at the specifications. All ports exacted my expectations, except for the lightning port. I found the issue to be that the lightning cable charged too slow. I know 10 watts is near the 12 watt ceiling for lightning, but the unit is still >17% slower than what it could achieve via standard iPad chargers. Another cool, but niche feature would be if the lightning port allowed for 29 watt charging (input) like on the iPad Pro models (so you could charge the iClever portable charger very fast like with USB-c). Sadly, I expect few people would/could take advantage of this, so the only real port flaw (if even a flaw) was that the lightning port could not charge at 12 watts.
    The flashlight feature I found interesting, and potentially useful. However, given that iPhones have much brighter flashlights than the on the charger, I found the feature somewhat redundant.
    What I loved about the device was the USB-C port. It is simply amazing to charge *and* discharge the unit at 30 watts from a single port. This is one of the best uses of USB-C I’ve seen to date. I love it! This is exactly what USB-C was made for! I have seen some other chargers match this design, but it does not discount how convenient it is for consumers (such as myself).
    The battery indicator button I found could get difficult to find when the portable charger was not plugged to anything. However, I am not sure if there is a better place to put the button. I like the black color that blends with the surrounding black case, but sadly this makes it harder to find the button itself in certain cases.
    So far, the only technical issue I’ve had with the charger is that the charger does not automatically charge any device. This is not an issue; you simply have to press the indicator button, unplug, and re-plug your cord into the portable charger. Though I can see this as a potential positive in some cases, it is not convenient when you leave something charging... but then you realize it wasn't charging. Besides that, I have had no negative experiences with the device whatsoever. The charger charges very fast no matter what you throw at it. The 30 watt USB-C port does not seem to charge as fast as marketed, but this should not cause too much of a difference. This could also be a fluke in my cable... I have not professionally tested it.
    Overall, I rate this a 5/5, simply because it fills a certain gap in the range of portable chargers. It is not like any other portable charger. It takes on a new niche in the portable charger market. A niche, especially for Apple fans, wanting to charge both their phones and laptops (like the Macbook) simultaneously, while being able to charge the charger with already-existing lightning cables. This device is tremendously helpful for me.