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iClever BoostStrip Portable Smart Power Strip, USB Charger

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iClever - Ever Clever

iClever BoostStrip IC-BS01 Power Strip is the travelling companion you won't know how you lived without until now. Turning that one, solitary airport outlet into 2 surge protected AC outlets and 4 USB ports.


Ready for Travel

Handsized compact model with enough  1000w/10A AC & 24W/4.8A USB output, this iClever portable power strip is really perfect for travel over America and it allows you to charge more than one  devices simultaneously on trip,  especially at airports, hotel and etc


SmartID USB Charging 

Equipped with iCleverÂ’s SmartID technology, this power strip offers a max 24W/4.8A USB output (Each port max 12W/2.4A) while it recognizes your device and optimizes max output under safety condition. The USB port is compatible withmost of the cellphone and ipad on the market.



Safe Armor for Device

The 4320 Joules unit's surge and other multiple protection means that you won't have to worry about your device's longevity taking a beating from high temperatures, over currents, or voltage fluctuates, swells or spikes. Perfect as anti-clutter home addition, or handy accessory for your next trip abroad. Providing ultimate convenience and protection for computer electronics, home entertainment systems, digital USB devices and more.


Great Quality

Advanced phosphor copper wire with 0.5mm thickness design, strong electricity conductivity, and increased heat dissipation.

94V0 fire-proof materials make it bear temperatures of up to 750 Celsius degrees;

Unibody 3-prong plug, safe and durable. Supports 5000+ hot-swapping.

Certified 18AWG power cable ensure safe performance under 1000w/10A conditions.



Rated Power: 240V/Max. 10A /1000W

AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

USB Output: 4*USB, 5V/Max 2.4A per port  

Product Dimensions: 4.3" x 1.71" x 2" (109.2mm x 43.4mm x 50.8mm )

Weight: 11.0 oz (280g)


Package Contents

1 x iClever IC-BS01 Power Strip

1 x User Manual


4320 Joules Surge Protector with 2 AC Outlet 4 USB Port, 5ft Extension Cord for Indoor & Outdoor, White
By HomerSaysDoh on February 23, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
This power strip/USB charger is compact and charges phones/tablets quickly. I finally found a solution for traveling and not being able to reach a hotel room outlet or not have enough space for my computer and phone. The iClever Booststrip give me the outlet and charging ports all in one compact unit.
By LAF on July 2, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
I like this extension cord with usb ports. It has a good length of cord and an o/i switch which I really like. It is also nicely compact. However, I find it a bit more than usually slow at charging and it just turns out that the usb ports are almost always on the wrong side, ie, facing the wall. It would have been better to have 2 ports on each side. I also like the lights to tell me it is on, but again, those lights are in the usb ports, so often cannot be seen.
By Noel Grijalva on February 3, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Great charger, very compact and very safe for charging any usb device, very well made with good materials, connector cable looks that is a heavy duty. Nice to have in the office specially nowadays that we have a lot devices that use USB cables to charge. Highly recommended. Always trust iClever.
review image review image
By Dennis Swena on June 3, 2017
Color Name: Black1 | Verified Purchase
This is very compact and easy to place where you need it without a lot of bulk. The USB ports automatically sense your device and supply the most amount of power it can use. It is light weight yet seems well made, good for carrying around in your back pack.
review image
By Nancy D. on August 13, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
I bought this power strip to take on a trip to make recharging devices easier - and ended up never using it! However, I use it almost every evening at home. It is very handy to have the devices in one place rather than using outlets all over the room.
By Lastrick on July 24, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
This works great ! I've been looking for a way to consolidate my devices in one location. This does it. I have a tablet, 2 phones, 2 Kindles, and one bluetooth speaker. They all can be plugged in so, when I wake in the morning, they're all ready to go.
By Amazonian on February 22, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
I purchased heavy duty outdoor velcro then attached this charger to the back of my bed headboard. Instant connect for power and USB devices all within elbow reach. Same could be done at my desk to keep things neat and clean looking. Now I'm thinking I should get another one.
By sherm624 on July 17, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Took on vacation and did exactly what I needed. Very compact, design allows for plugs to be far enough apart, and not get in the way of USBs, which light up green when "on". Cord is very thick and a good length, switch on/off cannot be pressed accidentally (good).
By tjsolimeo on June 15, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Perfect to have on one's desktop or for traveling. Handy for motel room use where receptacles are scarce.