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iClever BoostCel 12W Portable Solar Charger

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Charge up on nature's ultimate battery pack – the sun.

Off the Beaten Track 
Whether you're hiking the mountain on your bucket list, or retreating into the lush greenery of the forest, you won't have to worry about your devices running out of power with this solar battery charger which absorbs solar energy through its wide panels.

A Charger Above the Rest 
We too, like to take the road less travelled. That's why unlike ordinary solar panel chargers, we've added an in-built 800mAh battery which stores power in daytime with an unrivalled conversion efficiency of up to 28% - 30%. Because the weather may disappoint, but our chargers don't.

Designed for the great outdoors 
It can get pretty rough out in nature's big playground. That's why we've armored this battery charger with quality weather-resistant canvas fabric, so it can survive the harsh elements. And with its eyeholes, easily hook the charger onto your backpack, tent, or even a tree to get the most out of the sun.  

- Battery Capacity: 8000mAh
- Input: DC 5V 2A, Micro USB/Solar panel
- Output: DC 5V/2.4A
- Dimensions: 6.89" x 9.52" x 0.75" (175 x 242 x 19 mm)                 
- Weight: approx. 23 OZ (650g)   
- Operating Temperature(Recommended): 0? to 40? 

  1. Adjust the solar panel for optimum exposure to solar rays: 60-120 ° for recharging, and 90° at the highest conversion efficiency!

  2. Micro-USB charging port is located at the chargerÂ’s clasp as an alternative power source.                         


With 8000mah External Battery (Stand Up to 80?), Support 2.4A USB Output and Micro USB 2A Input, Orange