iClever BoostCube 24W QC 3.0 USB Wall Charger
iClever provides 24W output for single port QC3.0 wall charger, Compared with other 18W QC3.0 chargers.

- Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.7A
- Output: 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/2A
- Power: 24W
- Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 28.5 mm / 2.08 x 2.08 x 1.12 in
- Weight: 80g / 2.8oz

Package Content:
- 1 x iClever Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Warranty Card

4.88 / 5
  • Works well.
    February 14, 2019
    It does the job.
  • Super fast
    February 14, 2019
    Amazing charging speed.
  • Excellent quality charger
    February 10, 2019
    Better than OEM charger, fast and doesn't get hot.
  • Real fast charging, and durable.
    February 7, 2019
    I love this thing. That's all I have to say about it
  • How fast it charges.
    February 1, 2019
    charges phone fast
  • Need to charge your device quickly..??? Then this is it!
    January 18, 2019
    My Samsung charger died... and I didn't want an imitation Samsung charger... and started my search.  The price for this was just right and it does the job.  I have it with me for everything.... I like that it's foldable... so that there is no chance of getting the outlet portion damaged. :)
  • No Problems
    January 17, 2019
    Using this with a wireless charging stand for fast charging Samsung devices - works great.
  • Reputable Company
    January 11, 2019
    It worked for about a month and then it seemed to stop charging a little here and there but i contacted iClever and they sorted everything out and sent a new one which works better and i havnt had problems since tye replacement so im guessing i just got a dud, it happens. Overall very satisfied with this product and the company 😊
  • Good charger
    January 9, 2019
    Work great in all of my Android phones.
  • Excellent Charger!
    January 7, 2019
    I use this to charge my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen tablet. It charges quickly, and it even charges when the tablet is in use. The charger also does not heat up like other chargers do.