iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit

Forbes recommend:Hands-Free Phone Calls And Crystal Clear Music At A Price That's Music To Your Ears

4.75 / 5
  • Great
    Royon September 19, 2018
    I bought this as a temp service for Bluetooth until I can purchase a whole new stereo. Once I bought the new stereo it wasn’t nearly as good as himbox so I simply replace everything back to it so I can continue using it permanently
  • Get it...
    Michael S. Godseyon September 18, 2018
    I spent about $250 on the last bluetooth device I had installed in my car.  It works fine, but it was also $250 installed. This thing works great and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Sound quality is perfect. Easy, easy, EASY... to install.
  • Works great
    nsyvon September 14, 2018
    This works great. I've been using it for years now. It auto connects to my phone when I enter the car. The buttons and mic are responsive. Highly recommended!
  • all you need is aux & dc outlets !
    E. Johnsonon September 7, 2018
    awesome product!  have not had any problems using it in a Scion Xa, Dodge Caravan & Honda Element
  • it worth it..great product
    Jayon August 30, 2018
    best product..its worth it. using this product for last 3 product, never had an issue. it connect fast without an issue. highly recommend it.
  • Easy to install. Works as expected.
    T. Smithon July 30, 2018
    Works great so far.  Easy to install.  Only issue was that in the guide it says the light on the button should blink when ready to pair, but it didn't.  Or perhaps I just could not tell it was blinking due to lighting.  But it connects fine and I tested audio out from spotify and also made a test phone call.  Worked fine - no feedback at all.  I heard others say they had feedback, but I don't have any at all.  This review is based on just a test out of the box.  If things change, I'll update the review.
  • Works great! VERY good solution.
    RMon July 24, 2018
    I've bought three of these ... if my family didn't keep stepping on the cord and breaking them (Not the fault of the product!!) I wouldn't have to keep buying them.
  • Awesome product!
    Felicia Kieseron July 23, 2018
    Second one i own. One for work other for the car. Connecting is never an isuues. Distance is great with minimal objects in the way. This just works!
  • Well built, over 50 foot range
    JohnnieRon July 23, 2018
    Well built, over 50 foot range.  Sound quality is great.
  • Very Pleased
    A. Dempseyon July 18, 2018
    The HB01 has worked nearly flawlessly. I was having trouble with my 2010 Honda's Bluetooth system with both my Windows phone and my wife's iPhone. This was the solution (after trying a couple of others) that finally worked. on both phones. It worked fine on my Windows Phone and then on my iPhone when the Windows phone died. Ever since iOS 11 there have been occasions when the phone didn't connect automatically and I had to go into the iPhone system settings and tell it to connect. Other than that happening a couple of times, it works with my music, podcasts and phone calls very well. As with other microphones, place it where wind from your vents or windows is not blowing across the mic.