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iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit

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Forbes recommend:Hands-Free Phone Calls And Crystal Clear Music At A Price That's Music To Your Ears
By TAMJ on October 24, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I've tried several different solutions to stream music via bluetooth to my car stereo and this one is by far the best that I have used to date. I don't have to go into detail about what it does, or how it does it because the description is spot on. What I would like to note is that this is the first device that I have been able to use via my aux input that has ZERO static or feedback when in use. Sounds come through crystal clear. That was a huge deal with similar devices. I am happy with the performance so far and I hope it holds up as long as my car does!!
By Tech Lady on May 26, 2016
Color: black | Verified Purchase
This product costs twice as much as a few of the other brands. It connected the very first time and the noise cancellation works fine. I'm driving a '02 Corvette and the person on the other line could here me just fine with the motor running and the unit placed not near the dash but on the center console near the glove box, which is really the only flat area to place it. At least one of the other BT hands free models didn't mention noise cancellation, nor have the latest connectivity protocol - read the product descriptions.
By Dr Whom on July 13, 2016
Color: black | Verified Purchase
The is a great Product. Really low Profile.. Playing music through the bluetooth sounds fantastic. Super easy to install and use.
By Brandon I. on June 8, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase
It works great! Easy to use, and crystal clear sound!
By Amazon Customer on December 6, 2016
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Bought one for my boyfriend, I never have to remove it and it automatically recognizes my phone or my boyfriend's phone whenever we get into the car. I can answer my calls perfectly. The only downside is that it doesn't stick to the dash as I would like. But, it's so convenient that I can't really complain about that either.
By Patrick on March 15, 2016
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Good, a little slow to connect sometimes, but all in all solid
By ZD on June 8, 2016
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I can't believe I was driving in my 2007 truck all this time without using a HImbox. I was plugging into my AUX with a cable and the port wore out! My mechanic recommended a blue tooth approach and I've had it for two months now. Very good product for both music and using the phone handsfree. Great sound and my callers say they hear me just fine. I had a minor issue the other day because it was not pairing. I simply deleted the device off my bluetooth menu and added it back in and it's working just fine. In the interim, I had reached out to their support team both phone (left vmx) and email worried never hear from them. They were very responsive, I spoke live to one customer support rep and corresponded via email with another! That is service! Great product!
By Jonathan Weingarden on April 13, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Connects quickly to my phone each time I get in the car and the sound is good - even the Bluetooth speaker phone works well.
By R. Jadaa on January 15, 2014
Color: black | Verified Purchase
I bought this from another website because it was a bit cheaper. I was hesitant at first by the reviews on Amazon because most 5-star reviews were from non-purchasers who got the device for free to write a review. The real buyers' reviews didn't seem to agree with them. But I decided to buy it and test it firsthand.
I care a lot about aesthetics, and this device looks amazing in pictures - an indicator I relate to product quality. When I received it, I was not disappointed. I bought the champagne gold color one.
The first thing to notice when I opened the box that it had a nice smooth shiny look without the cheap plastic feel at all. Even the cables were thin to be barely visible in the car and didn't feel like clumsy plastic wires. The device itself is smaller than what it looked in pictures, and it connected firmly to the magnetic base.

I rushed to me car to try it. Once I connected the charger to the lighter, the two USB ports illuminated in blue: Beautiful design! The ring and forward/backward buttons on the device illuminated in blue as well, and flashed when you turned on until it paires with the phone. I have an iPhone 4S, and it paired seamlessly with it.

Then, it was downhill from that point. Once I connected the 3.5mm cable into my car's AUX port, the first thing I noticed was the constant humming noise coming from the speakers :(. I tried to fiddle with the AUX cable hoping to eliminate it at no avail. I played some music through it to see if the humming noise would disappear or fase, but you can't stop thinking that it is there. In moments of silence, you will notice it in the background. Once I turned off the device, the car went back to complete silence. I tried making a phone call with it, and it seemed to be working fine, but the humming noise was there during the whole phone call. The other party cannot hear it, only the ones in the car can. The humming noise is not because of my speakers/radio system. For example, if I connect my phone using my AUX cable directly and don't play anything, I don't hear any noise at all. And when I play music, the sound quality using the AUX cable directly is perfect! This is clearly a defect in the device's design, causing constant noisy signal to be on to the output AUX port.

The other bothersome thing is that -as another reviewer noticed- you cannot activate Siri with it. I tried pressing it twice, or pressing and hold -which turns off the device.

In short, Pros:
- Amazing aesthetics and solid hardware design and feel.
- Good form factor: small device with good cable/charger quality.
- It pairs quickly with your phone when you turn on the car.

- Constant humming noise in my speakers when I turn it on (even prior to pairing).
- No Siri support from the device.

I bought a Bluetooth kit and not a piece of decoration. I was really hoping for this to work. I can live without Siri support, but the humming noise is really a killer. Unfortunately, I am returning this beautiful device, hoping they will fix these issues in future versions.

* UPDATE 3/3/2014 *
I was happy to receive a replacement BT module for the one I had by the seller. The one I received has the same design, but with Bluetooth 4.0, and other fixes.
The updated module has voice messages instead besides the beeps. For example, if it is in pairing mode, you will hear "Pairing" through the speakers, or "Device Connected" when your phone is paired with the device. Siri is working now as well *hooray*. You have to press the middle button twice, holding the second press for two seconds then releasing it. This will launch Siri. Cool! This solves the Siri problem. I noticed as well that my iPhone pairs much faster compared to the older model.

I mainly asked to replace it because the noise on the speakers. With the new device, the noise is still there, but much better. If I lowered the volume on my stereo and raised the volume on my phone, then I would barely notice it. This is good and I am happy with it, unless you want to raise the volume all the way up to blast the car's roof.
Another thing I noticed that pairing two phones at the same time worked fine in the older model, but it has been flaky with the new one.

All in all, I am satisfied with the newer version of the device, and I am keeping it. I would have given it 5 starts but for the problems listed above. I still recommend it.
By GLAS on May 15, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Amazing !! I use this on my Acura 2002 and really works. Great for the price. Now I can listen to spotify or my music library via Bluetooth in my car !!!