iClever Outdoor Smart Plug Socket Wireless Remote Control
Compatible with Alexa/Google Home Assistant, Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor Use

- WIFI Frequency: 2.4GHz 
- Output: AC 125V/16A
- Max Power: 2000W 
- Outlet Type: 2 * AC outlet
- Material: Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate (PC) 
- Waterproof level: IP44
- Weight: 211g/7.4oz
- Power Cord Length: 12cm / 4.7 inches
- Size: 7.87 x 2.75 x 0.98 inches(200x70x25mm)

1. Only 2.4GHz wifi connections are supported. 
2. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices are not included. 
3. When it connected to Alexa or Google assistant, all outlets of the power strip are controlled simultaneously. 

4.83 / 5
  • Well designed and full featured
    Jay Gon September 14, 2018
    There is much to like about this product.  I needed something to use on a porch, and wanted an Alexa compatible smart plug.  Most smart plugs block both spots in the wall.  Not only does this plug address that it turns two into three.  The ability to then name and control two items and schedule them via the app as on separate schedules is also excellent. Finally the short cord is long enough to drop the device outside the protective cover over the wall socket itself.
  • Works great with Google home
    Jesson September 8, 2018
    Works great. Hooked it up to my outdoor patio string lights. Also configured it to work with Google home so I just have to tell Google to turn on the lights. Very convenient.
  • Waterproof
    Ken in Sarasota Flon September 6, 2018
    Works great from anywhere on our property. We have had numerous storms this summer and there have been No negative issues with this device.
  • Perfect
    AMAZONJUNKIEon September 4, 2018
    Awesome!! I am using them for my outdoor fountains and LIVE them! Alexa set up simple and makes life sooo much easier!
  • Great little Alexa based power supply.
    BBon September 3, 2018
    Works fantastic! It sites under a decorative faux rock about 50 feet from my Wi-Fi device and it works perfectly. The Alexa integrstion is easy and really useful. Nothing like saying Alexa, turn on the water feature and having it spring to life. Cool!
  • Works Great
    Dan from Morgantown, WVon August 30, 2018
    I bought this to run a water pump in my garden and it works great with Google Home.  The app, SmartHome, works fine, too.  The plug has two independently operated plugs, but they can only be operated separately from the app or Google Home (or Alexa I presume).  The switch on the plug turns both on or off.
  • Five Stars
    Amazon Customeron August 29, 2018
    Great buy!
  • Really works well
    jrh1194on August 23, 2018
    Quick review of the iClever Smart Outdoor Outlet. The outlet appears to be well made & sturdy. Programming is very easy. Just use the Smart Life app which is available in the Apple App Store. You can custo,ize the name, & location of this device. I especially like that it has 2 outlets and they are separately programmable & controlled. This unit is designed to be outdoor which is nice. The price is very reasonable compared to other manufacturers. I definitely recommend this to make your home a little smarter.
  • Amazing product, easy to set up!
    M. HERMANon August 22, 2018
    Excellent product! Now I can turn on all my string lights outside by using Alexa or with a click on the app, no matter my location. Plus it has 2 plugs to control multiple items.
  • Love it!
    Amazon Customeron August 22, 2018
    Have my backyard lights plugged into this - works great!