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iClever Smart Power Strip With 6 AC Outlets + 6 USB Port

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This iClever BoostStrip Series IC-BS03 Power Strip turns one 3-prong outlet into 6 AC outlets with surge protection and 6 USB ports with SmartID technology. Designed with AC power switch to control performance of AC outlets, it ‘s easy to cut power for a complete shutdown when not in use to conserve energy. Ideal for home or office, this power strip gives ultimate convenience and protection for computer electronics, home entertainment systems, digital USB devices and more.

- Unibody 3-prong plug, high strength, safe and durable to use
- UL817 certified 18AWG power cable provides safe performance under 1875W/15A condition
- Unibody shell and 94V0 fire-proof materials can bear high temperature up to 750 Celcius degrees, much safer and reliable
- Premium phosphor copper design with 0.5mm thickness has strong electricity conductivity and great heat dissipation, 5000+ hot-swapping supported
- Compared with ordinary power strips, this one adopts control switch to intelligently control AC outlets operation
- AC outlets equipped with surge protection to prevent from damages caused by voltage fluctuates, swells or spikes
- USB ports with over-voltage, over-current and high temperature protections give fast and safe charging for your devices

Rated Power: 125V/Max. 15A 1875W
- AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
- USB Output: 6*USB, 5V/Max 2.4A per port
- USB Power: 30W(total 5V/6A output)
- Dimension: 9.13" x 3.22" x 1.32"(232 x 82 x 33.5 mm)
- Weight: 20.46OZ(580g)

Package Content:
- 1 x iClever IC-BS03 Surge Protector
- 1 x User Manual

By The Bavarian Blogger on January 10, 2018
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
As someone living and working in Europe, this gadget is a MUST have for your arrival in Europe. Forget about having a box of plug adapters with you. Bring this along in your checked baggage and you're be able to plug ANY DUAL VOLTAGE item right into this with a single adapter for the male end you plug into a wall.

If you decide to use a transformer in between, I would be careful not to overload your transformer.

NOTE: I said DUAL VOLTAGE device. This is normally indicated on your device or the charger for the device. If it says 100-240 V(olts) you should be just fine.
By James D. on April 24, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Love it. Came with a metal plate "pre loaded" with double sided tape. Stuck the plate where I wanted to mount the powerstrip, and it has 2 little studs perfectly placed to line up with the key holes on the back of the powerstrip.
By Rebecca Janssen on July 5, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
My old power strip is broken, so i pick this one from amazon, i choose this one because it has 6 outlets and usb ports, it can charge my iphone, laptop and other devices like lamp and so on
By Amazon Customer on January 16, 2018
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Didn't realize it came with an adhesive mount it's really useful
By osvaldo on December 14, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Excellent product and tremendous performance. Great seller and store.
By Mike in Springs on November 23, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Great item. 1st power strip to turn the prongs sideways. Only thing that could be improved upon is to allow 1/8 to 1/4 inch more separation between outlets. 6 USB ports is terrific.
By Dustin Grime on February 6, 2018
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Working great. Really helped with our charging station for all of our different devices that only came with the cable for charging.
By elsa hamilton on June 19, 2018
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
very handy!
By Cafritz1967 on February 4, 2018
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
An outlet is (inconveniently) located behind my bed. By plugging this unit in with multiple outlets, it provides easy access.
By Coyot21 on March 10, 2018
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
I like this surge protector and will probably buy another to add the the 2 I already have when they drop in price again.
The usb connections all work, even though I wish they could do the rapid charging for my phone that the original plug offers. The only other thing I would change about this, is to make it a flat plug rather than having it stick straight out from the wall. This would make it easier to plug it in behind dressers or book cases in front of outlets. Other than that, I think this is a great product. I will buy another soon.