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iClever Smart Power Strip With 6 AC Outlets + 6 USB Port

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This iClever BoostStrip Series IC-BS03 Power Strip turns one 3-prong outlet into 6 AC outlets with surge protection and 6 USB ports with SmartID technology. Designed with AC power switch to control performance of AC outlets, it ‘s easy to cut power for a complete shutdown when not in use to conserve energy. Ideal for home or office, this power strip gives ultimate convenience and protection for computer electronics, home entertainment systems, digital USB devices and more.

- Unibody 3-prong plug, high strength, safe and durable to use
- UL817 certified 18AWG power cable provides safe performance under 1875W/15A condition
- Unibody shell and 94V0 fire-proof materials can bear high temperature up to 750 Celcius degrees, much safer and reliable
- Premium phosphor copper design with 0.5mm thickness has strong electricity conductivity and great heat dissipation, 5000+ hot-swapping supported
- Compared with ordinary power strips, this one adopts control switch to intelligently control AC outlets operation
- AC outlets equipped with surge protection to prevent from damages caused by voltage fluctuates, swells or spikes
- USB ports with over-voltage, over-current and high temperature protections give fast and safe charging for your devices

Rated Power: 125V/Max. 15A 1875W
- AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
- USB Output: 6*USB, 5V/Max 2.4A per port
- USB Power: 30W(total 5V/6A output)
- Dimension: 9.13" x 3.22" x 1.32"(232 x 82 x 33.5 mm)
- Weight: 20.46OZ(580g)

Package Content:
- 1 x iClever IC-BS03 Surge Protector
- 1 x User Manual

6 AC Outlets + 6 USB Port, 4320 Joules Surge Protector with 5ft Extension Cord for Indoor & Outdoor, Black
By D. Kaiser on June 20, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
This is neat because it has six slots for USB, which means my wife and I can charge up our cellphones overnight, no problem, and at the same time use the regular AC plugs for other items, like the TV.
By D. Reinstein on July 6, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Using only one outlet, I can power sig other AC plugs/devices and up to six USB charging cables. What a great option to installing more outlets in the house.
Handy and useful on a daily basis!
By Calvin Tran on December 16, 2016
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Great power strip with plenty of power ports and usb ports. Good design that all ports can be used concurrently. The power cable is very sturdy and thick. Also comes with an adhesive plate for wall/vertical mounting.
By Gary Bechthold on April 14, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
We travel extensively and this product fits us perfectly. Many lodgings have few to zero receptacles available for use. We carry a selection of adapters and just plug this product in and we have all what we need. Product is very well made and apears to be quite durable. With 2 phones, 2 tablets and 2 GPS's we make good use of the USB ports.
By Amazon Customer on April 26, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Holy crap, I LOVE this thing! In this day and age, you're constantly charging something electronic. This has so many places to plug in. You need one got your teen too. ;)
By dw003 on June 17, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Oh my god, I love this! I don't know how I lived without one for so long. It works really well, I'm able to charge a million cell phones and ipads at once. It makes me so happy. The charging capability, especially the USB ports, are excellent. I only wish I had more than one of these power strips!
By Nathan G on September 2, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Cord isn't natural rubber but it's so thick that I'm pretty sure it would be able to handle more than any household circuit will pump through it. It also came with a mounting plate for a wall or something.
By Ax on March 4, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
Gonna geek out, this i the perfect night stand outlet. it even comes with a metal plate that sticks to the wall so you can keep it off the floor. No more arguing over USB plugs!
By LISA on May 9, 2017
Color Name: White | Verified Purchase
By Robert D. on August 1, 2017
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
I really like this power strip. It's really cleaned up the clutter as I don't need dedicated transformers plugged in to charge my USB devices.