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iClever USB 3.0 External DVD CD Drive, Silver

Price: USD $ 32.99


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High Speed CD/DVD RW Burner for Apple Macbook Pro/Air/iMac and Other PC Laptop Desktop Silver
By William Ol on November 26, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
amazing match for my macbook pro, it work perfectly fine and fast in my case and easy to connect although I read some people negative reviews which never happened to me at this point, easy to connect - no software need, as simple as plug n play, stable durable connection works for CDs and DVDs
By PRW on June 29, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
Suffice to say this is the 2nd one of these fine iClever USB External DVD CD Drives that I have ordered. First one worked so perfect, I wanted a backup. Have used it with success on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. You just need 2 USB available inputs, as one is power and the other one is data. It's slim and trim, Jim.
By Tibby on October 24, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
I am not very good with electronics, but this item was extremely easy for me to use. It arrived on time, well packaged and is great condition. Would purchase again without hesitation and recommend it 100%. The price was good, as other stores were 25%-50% higher. Totally happy with this purchase.
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
Good, basic USB DVD player. Nothing fancy or special. Just a solution for those times you need to play a DVD or rip a CD with only a NUC or a modern laptop lacking a DVD drive as your computer. Works fine. No need to install drivers on Windows 10. Works with base installed drivers.
By imyourpal on June 7, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
Slim and doesn't need any external power. Burned a CD in a pretty fast manner, and wasn't too noisy either. Hoping that this will last!
By Devlin Jay on September 5, 2017
Color: transparent | Verified Purchase
This was a case in which I plugged it into the USB port, waited for drivers to update and then it was good to go. Awesome.

This is a simple, quick and efficient little guy for a decent price.

Recommended if you need an external drive.
By Susanne Lewis on August 12, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
the drive in my mac is getting old, so I bought this external one. Irritating that by all means I can not make an icon of it is show up on my desktop, but when I put a CD or DVD in - that shows up, and the burning fun begins.... I had it for a few weeks, ask me again in a year... :)
By giorgi macharashvili on July 3, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
It comes during 2 days, We opened it up and plugged it in to our new Thinkpad and windows 10. The burner was immediately recognized,work perfectly, you can't go wrong with this product.I would recommend buying this
By Maria Castaneda on June 25, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
This DVD writer is portable and is best suited for notebooks and lap tops, there is not problem to work with Windows 10.You can plug it directly into your computer by USB port.
By wendy O'Donovan on October 22, 2017
Color: 1- Silver | Verified Purchase
I'm not tech savvy, and it was a little challenging to get it to be seen by my computer, but I'm sure it was just me. I had to purchase an external drive for my new computer. Working fine now and burning cd's with CD burner XP. Just a note, Windows Media Player had started to kick out tracks on digital files it had ripped, and would not burn them. I downloaded CD Burner XP and all is working well on my old and my newest computer where I added this drive. Very happy with my purchase. It arrived when it was expected, and is working very well.