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iClever Worldwide Travel Adapter

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iClever, ever clever than just smart 
Feeling weighed down by travel adaptors every time take your electronic devices abroad? Cast off the anchor without getting lost in translation with the IC-BB11 Universal Travel Adaptor by iClever. 
This universal charger combines 4 standard pin models (US, EU, UK, and AU) into one handy widget that is compatible with over 90% of outlets worldwide. So you can get more out of your electronics with less in your suitcase.

US Type - USA, Japan
American Samoa/ Antigua and Barbuda/ Bermuda/ Canada/ Cayman Islands / Colombia/ Cuba/ Ecuador/ Guam/ Haiti/ Honduras/ Jamaica/ Japan/ Liberia/ Mexico/ Nicaragua/ Panama/ Peru/ Philippines/ Puerto Rico/ Saudi Arabia / Taiwan / Thailand/ Venezuela / the Virgin Islands. 

AU Type - Australia, China 
Argentina/ Australia/ China/ Fiji/ New Zealand/ Papua New Guinea/ Tokelau (the Union Islands)/ Uruguay. 

EU Type – Almost all of Europe
Albania/ Austria/ Belgium/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria/ Brazil/ Croatia/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Estonia/ Finland/ France/ Greece/ Hungary/ Iceland/ India/ Latvia/ Lithuania/ Luxembourg/ Macedonia/ Montenegro/ Netherland/ Norway/ Poland/ Portugal/ Romania/ Serbia/ Spain/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ Sweden/ Turkey/ Ukraine. 

UK Type - UK, Hong Kong
Brunei/ Dominica/ England/ Gibraltar/ Grenada/ Hong Kong/ Iraq/ Ireland/ Kenya/ Macau/ Nigeria/ Nothern Ireland/ Oman/ Qatar/ Saudi Arabia/ Scotland/ Singapore/ Sri Lanka/ Tanzania/ Uganda/ the United Arab Emirates/ Wales/ Yemen/ Zimbabwe. 

-Rated power: 110V~/650W, 220V~/1300W. 
-Power output: 100-250VAC, 50-60HZ 6.3A Max. 
-USB output: 5V/2.1A 
-Dimensions: 74.5 x 57 x 60 mm / 2.93 x 2.24 x 2.36 in 
-Weight: 117g / 4.13oz 

Package Contents 
1 x Travel Adapter 
1 x Backup Fuse Tube 
1 x Warranty Card

All in One Universal Wall Charger International AC Power Plug Adapter with USB Charging Port for USA EU UK AUS
By Izzy on March 16, 2016
Color: White | Verified Purchase
I use several types of power supplies when traveling. I bought this one because the quality seemed similar to a competitor. It arrived and I was very happy with the build quality and feel. It works great and powers my Apple products using my OEM cable without a problem. Charging times are good as well. There is only one design issue but it's not the fault of the manufacturer. Some European plugs aren't inset and the adapter can move around. The photo is of an inset European plug that works perfectly with this charger.

Update: I bought a second one and one of the USB ports is DOA. That's really bad news when I'm on a three month trip in Europe and I needed 2 high power ports. I have no way to cheaply return this so I'm FUBAR.
review image
By voitel on December 15, 2015
Color: White | Verified Purchase
Bought this one to travel to Europe. Works as advertised. All my devices were charged without any problems.
By BUF on November 3, 2015
Color: White | Verified Purchase
Very nice and useful charger. Anyone traveling with an iPhone + iPad should have one of these. Also, price is very competitive.
By DaSepultar on January 7, 2016
Color: White | Verified Purchase
The first charger I received did not work so I sent it back. I didn't bother getting a replacement and just purchased a different charger on Amazon. Shortly after my return, I was contacted directly by iClever apologizing for the inconvenience and immediately sent me a replacement. Their level of customer service was a shock to me so I would most definitely purchase from this company again.

In terms of the charger, it works great and charges all my phones. I charge a Nexus 5x and a Galaxy S5. Both charge very quickly simultaneously. The charger is small and compact which makes it perfect for travel. I would recommend this product.
By IggyV on October 20, 2015
Color: White | Verified Purchase
This charger is awesome, and it's ability to charge two devices at a time is the best. Compact and svelte design.
By T. Meyer on November 5, 2015
Color: White | Verified Purchase
Worked perfectly on our trip to Italy. Having 2 USB ports is nice when B&Bs have limited outlets.
By Réka Domokos on March 7, 2016
Color: White | Verified Purchase
I really love this product but wish it'd be offered with 4 or 5 USB chargers instead of only two. Very convenient, compact, light, great for travel. But given that the European type of plug is relatively large, more USBs could be fit on the same size of charger (at least I'd think -- unless larger "innards" are needed for the 240 Volts). Also, it'd be nice if the wall socket plug could be folded down like for the US type of plugs for easier storage during travel. Regardless, it works great!
By Alfred E Newman on August 29, 2017
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase
Bought this for my inlaws for their trip to Asia in a few months and for their London trip next year. This is great as it is compatible in the USA, EU, UK and AU. I have been testing this here in the states and there are no issues with charging my laptop or iPhone.
By CapeCod on June 7, 2016
Color: White | Verified Purchase
If you're going Europe and want a fast charger then this is a good one. Better off if you buy it here before you go because it will be way more expensive there and you will have difficulty find a fast 4.8 charger like this. Good purchase .
By tompatib on November 20, 2015
Color: White | Verified Purchase
Works as it should, it can charge my tablet and phone at the same time. Design is also nice. Recommended, it worth the price.