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5.Bryan Stei***






Welcome to the iClever Early Bird Program !

Dear iClever Customers,

Thank you for purchasing our products. 
In order to meet the growing demand for technology in your lifestyle, we’ve been committed to developing cutting-edge technological products. To continuously improve our product quality, we created the Early Bird Program — aimed at developing products that you want to use and bettering the user experience. 
We sincerely welcome all iClever customers to participate in this new program and to provide invaluable suggestions for product ideas, changes or problems.

How to Join the Program? 

You need to submit at least one review link of an iClever product to us as indicated below. We will contact you after we check the reviews every month and send you one free product to be tried and get users experience to be shared.

What You Can Get by Participating: 
1. Every month, TEN reviewers will win a free iClever product, as featured below. 
2. The TEN reviewers will be classified as iClever VIP Customers and will have the best chance to be chosen to review our new releases for free in the future. 
The final explanation right of this activity belongs to iClever team.

Any question, please contact us via look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

iClever Team